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Pumpkin Menopause

BOO! and BOO!  and BOO!

You might think these pumpkins are men but they aren’t!  They are Pumpkin Ladies who have pulled their hair back.

And guess what?  Each one is in the middle of the Roller Coaster Ride!  You didn’t think pumpkins went through menopause?  Just ask these women:

Hi I’m Paulette, the pumpkin on the left. I am in a BAD mood even though it’s Halloween.  GRRRR. Yesterday, everything had a happy orange glow but not today!  Read my pumpkin lips, honey:  GET OUT OF MY FACE!  You go have yourself a Happy Halloween, but leave me alone.

Hi I’m Polly, the pumpkin in the middle.  Life is good!  Nothing can get me down.  I just want to grin, grin, grin.  Happy Halloween everyone!  I wish I could pop out of the screen and hug you all!  Since I can’t, I’m sending you a thousand Halloween winks!

Hi I’m Penelope, the pumpkin on the right.  I don’t know if I’m in a good mood or a bad one.  I was in a bad mood a minute ago, but now I’m in a great mood. Whoopee!  Oh wait, now I’m in a bad mood.  I could throw candy corn at the world!  Oh hold on, now I’m as happy as a witch sailing on a broomstick through the Halloween Sky.  Oh wait, did someone say witch?  Now I’m feeling itchy and witchy and bitchy.  Drats.

See!  I told you.  Pumpkins go through menopause too.

The next time menopause makes you up, or down, or up and down, remember our Pumpkin Sisters!  We are not alone.


Photo:  When I met them, these lovely pumpkin ladies told me they would be pleased to be featured on Friend for the Ride.   They are spreading the word about my new menopause blog to the rest of the Female Pumpkin WorldWelcome, new Pumpkin Readers! 

The Carver: These pumpkins were on display this year at the North Carolina State Fair.  Check out some more examples of the work of master carver Tim Trudgeon.  

19 thoughts on “Pumpkin Menopause”

  1. What adorable pumpkins! I love how wrinkly they all look, too, since I’m feeling wrinklier by the moment. Interesting to see that the sad/mad pumpkin looks a bit more wrinkly than her smiling sister – I’ll need to smile more!


  2. I have been on birth control pills since I was 17 (except for pregnancy) and now at 52, I have no menopause problems at all so I am happy like Polly, the pumpkin in the middle. Have not one wrinkle or gray hair in sight yet.


  3. this is hilarious…thanks for the good chuckle this evening barbara!! frankly…i am feeling like penelope….. 🙂 or 😦 ….can’t decide……


    1. Thanks. They certainly run the expanse of moods. But they sent me an email that they are all three in good spirits at the moment and ready to step out on the town for Halloween.


    1. No they’re women alright. The men pumpkins — with their higher levels of testosterone — were out cavorting at the State Fair looking for longer women pumpkins.


    2. Yes but what your men pumpkin are missing is that experienced women, although menopausal, can make a very fun date!


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