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Would You? Questions for People and Bunnies

I’ve gotten myself in trouble by asking hypothetical questions.  I can’t help it.  I love them.

Arguments, some silly, some serious (and some huge) have been sparked by my questions.

Years ago, a friend even got so upset when visiting me that she picked up her baby.  (This was in the baby days.)  “I have to go,” she announced.  “You’re making me nervous.”  She and the baby went out the back door.

I grabbed my baby, and followed her to the car.

I was too afraid to ask a single question.  Right before she pulled out of my driveway, she said, “You confuse me, Barbara.  You ask so many questions, and I don’t know the answers.”

Zoom.  She was gone.

Hypothetical questions help us dig deeper, think wider, and live higher. There aren’t answers to lots of them.  That’s the fun and the challenge.

So in the spirit of hypothetical questions, here are few for you:

  • If you could be the opposite sex for a day, would you?  What would you most like to learn about that sex?
  • If you could become any age and stay that age for twenty years (knowing what you know now about life), what age would you choose?
  • If you could change one decision you’ve made in the past, what would it be?
  • And now for an extra girly, (sorry, men readers*) menopausal sort of question: If you got to give up all the troubles you’ve had with menopause, but you have to endure periods for ten more years, would you make that trade?  (For those of you not there yet, you can imagine those symptoms and then decide.)

Love to have you post some of your answers in the comments for all of us to read.  Would you?  Could you?  Should you?  Of course!

Photo:  These rabbits sit in their rocker and ponder question after question:

  • If we could come to life, hop about, and munch carrots, but only live as long as real rabbits do, would we choose to become real?
  •  If we could switch places with Peter Rabbit, and therefore be famous, would we, even though Mr. McGregor put Peter’s father in a pie and Peter carries that tragedy with him every day?
  • If we could be models for the world’s most delicious chocolate rabbits, would we, or do we think candy rabbits are demeaning to the Rabbit World?

You can’t read it on their faces, but they are now in a heated debate over the last question.  I think I need to intervene before stuffing starts to fly.

P.S. I snapped many photos of these bunnies, and each time, the bunny on the left (in the blue jacket) came out fuzzy.  I think he’s what my mother calls an “itch,” and he just can’t stay still.  He’s also the one really revving up the discussion over the last question.

* I actually do have a few male readers.   Thanks guys, for reading!

27 thoughts on “Would You? Questions for People and Bunnies”

  1. I love hypothetical questions. You don’t scare me. 😉

    1) Yes. I really want to understand what all the fuss is about… you know… down there. ha! Seriously, I would like to know what it feels like to be born a First Class Citizen. I grew up in the decades of struggling for women’s rights (the second bout with it, not the Suffrage movement. I’m old, but not that old.) I want to know what it would be like to be BORN with rights rather than having to march for them. Of course, I’d have to be a white man. That’s a whole ‘nother discussion.

    2) 42. That’s it. No discussion.

    3) I would have joined the Marine Corp (my Mom was a Marine) when my Mom and Dad sat me down at age 18 and suggested such a path in my life. My husband was in the Coast Guard and has 100% VA health care provided. I have no health insurance and can’t get it. (A 55+ year old woman, any 55+ year old woman, has preexisting conditions according to any insurance company.) Plus I think the experience of the Marine Corp would have built my confidence. My Mom for her whole life could say “I’m a Marine.” {{sigh}} I missed that opportunity.

    4) I think you’re talking HRT here. This may not be so hypothetical. I chose to go through peri-menopause and into menopause on my body’s schedule. Now that I’m solidly planted in menopause, the night sweats, burning sheets, head in a jar, heart palpitations, chest constrictions, and general freak outs, both mentally and physically, are basically over. No, I would not postpone the inevitable. I’m glad I went through it, but more importantly, I’m glad I’m through it! Periods get weird during the peri-menopause time, so when I hit my one year mark with no periods, I celebrated.

    *I think the rabbits will have more trouble with their hypothetical questions. I think “Fuzzy Bunny” on the left just keeps shaking his head, trying to clear his thoughts. Those are some deep hypothetical questions for the bunnies. Let us know what they come up with. I’m particularly interested in how they feel about chocolate bunnies.

    Thanks, Barbara, for this opportunity to reflect. Much appreciated!


    1. Patti,

      Thanks for all your thoughts! The bunnies are still arguing about the chocolate rabbits and are asking me to ask YOU what you think.


    1. He wants to come to your house for Thanksgiving to see the bears. Most of the other rabbits are girls, and he is tired of hanging out with them.


  2. I’m definitely with Patti on question/answer #1. We must be the same age b/c I, too, would like to know how it feels to be a first class citizen (no questions asked)! Maybe I’d discover that they don’t necessarily have it better than women. That would be a good thing to know either way!
    As to the bunnies, the one on the left looks like the discussion leader to me. The others have a mixed bag of emotions, I think. I see a perplexed bunny, one who is “all ears” (sorry), and one who is possibly too drunk to care. Then there is the one on the right who is not paying any attention b/c she thinks she spies (somehow, with no eyes) a carrot patch in the distance. PS I hope they think that chocolate bunnies are a tribute to their endearing ways & forms!


  3. i think all of these bunnies are discussing health care. they want better surgical technology for fur mending and facial stitching (aka cosmetic surgery). your “itch” bunny is advocating for major reform and he is really up in arms.

    on a more serious note i am really pondering question #2……….

    and barbara you are the QUEEN of hypothetical and it is great!! i remember many,many years ago, when we were just getting to know you, we were at a party ( i think holiday party at the summers) and your hypothetical question of the evening was “how many days of the month/year do you feel great”. it was a real discussion piece!


    1. I remember that party. It was sort of a moment for me because by everyone’s reply, they all sounded happier than I was. Gave me some real pause to think about life.


  4. I would try being a man for one day – one once if you don’t feel like being nice no one would go you a b*****! That really offends me by the way.
    I would be 38 – what a wonderful age that was (actually I don’t remember it being any better than 37 or 39 or even 40 but I like the sounds of it)
    My worst decision was not changing my major in college.
    And, finally I would gladly have periods again especially if I could remain 38!


  5. I definitely would NOT want be a man for a day….and I already know how they think and it is not pretty. 49 would be the age to be stuck in time warp. I should have delayed getting married for about 5 years and traveled a bit. And menopause is much easier to deal with than the pre-menstrual tension and cramps.


  6. Hypothetical questions get to the truth. I bet your friend was afraid of the truth! Bunnies probably aren’t as afraid to discuss deep issues – probably why my daughters enjoyed talking to theirs so much!


  7. I’m not terribly interested in being a man, even for a day. Although peeing standing up would be an interesting experience. And I like being 60! I’m curious as to what being 61 will feel like, and 65, and 80. After all, I’ve tried all the younger ages and some I liked a lot and others I wouldn’t return to even if you promised I could go back as a man.


  8. This one is for you barbara!!

    “A sudden bold and unexpected question doth many times surprise a man and lay him open.”

    –Francis Bacon,
    British philosopher


  9. 1) No absolutely not–not even 1 day as a man!!! No testosterone and all it causes for me!!! And actually I love being a female.
    2) All ages have had good and bad. I think it would be one of the years I was away at college–only years I would want to relive.
    3) I would not have gotten out of the social work field completely to raise my kids–I wish I had kept my hand in it so I could’ve gone back to it full-time without having to go back to school.
    4) I was lucky and had only minor problems with hormone stuff during the period phase or the menopause phase. The thing I hated the most about menopause was what it did to my memory–it just disappeared!! Was horrible. It has gotten way better, but is not at all like it used to be. So having periods might be worth it if my memory was better. I have considered HRT to see if it would improve–might be worth it for me.


    1. We’ve got a fun guest post coming up in two weeks about memory.

      Yep, nothing like the college days. It’s amazing how those four years are so precise in our memory.


  10. My answers to my questions are:

    1. Sure, I’d love to be a man for a day. I’d like to figure out more about how the boy parts work. Beyond that, I’d like to be man in a scary (snake in basement) kind of stiuation and in a really tender one (you see your grandchild for the first time) to see if the reaction feels different.
    2. I’d like to be 35 or even 45 or even 50. I didn’t start to feel old until 55.
    3. I would have studied MUCH harder my first three semesters at Duke. I ended up making great grades the rest of my time there, but those first three semesters made my average lower than it should have been. Seems like a silly regret perhaps, but I would go back in time and change it if I could.
    4. I don’t know about getting PMS back, but I would take periods for the rest of my life in exhange for not having the weight/low metabolism stuff I seem to have now.

    The bunnies are pleased to get some attention for their discussions. They are still arguing chocolate rabbits but have also added: Why should the Easter Bunny have to do all the work with the egg stuff? Why can’t it rotate to ducks, chicks, and lambs, too?


  11. 1) If I could be a man for a day, I’d really like to know if they really want to sleep with every woman they see, like the nuns told us in high school.

    2) I think I would want to be 40 again. All my children were still at home then…loved that!

    3) If I could change one decision, it would be to have gone to NYU for journalism instead of our local community college. Pretty sure I’d be a big shot editor for a major publishing firm in NYC right now.

    4) The answer to this one is NO (and yes I did actually shout that!) I’ve had zero trouble, menopause to me was just the end of my periods. Still symptom free after 5 years (knock on wood) except I think I did have a hot flash once. But it was a hot summer day so maybe not? However, the monthly curse (that started at age 9) was seriously awful and I’m pretty sure I kept Midol in business for the next 36 years.

    Excellent food for thought as always Barbara. And it’s kind of freaky – that always blurry bunny!


  12. I would be a man for a day. Funny I don’t think I would feel much different? Hmm

    I like being 32, it is good for now. 🙂

    If I could go back to my youth I would have saved up money to go to University right after high school.

    I would not want any more periods–I will take my gamble with the pause.


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