Good Sports


We all know them:  The good sports.

Good sports don’t care which restaurant they go to.  They don’t complain about the weather.  They don’t mind being teased.  They don’t embarrass easily.  They’re always up for adventure.  They aren’t afraid of new things.  And they’re willing to make do.

 My family might say that many times, I’m a wonderful sport.

They also might say that other times, I’m not.

There’s something about PMS and Menopausal Hormonal Madness that can make us terrible sports.

And there’s something about the zest that can come with The Great Pause that can make us very good sports.

I don’t know how to always be a good sport, no matter what the circumstances.

(Good sports out there:  Send us your advice.)

But I’m working on it.  And I seem to be getting better.

In recent years, I’ve been able to say to myself, “Don’t ruin the fun.”  And often it works.

Take a breath.  Be slow to react.  Tell yourself you can do it.

There you are:  A good sport.

And good sports have a sporting good time!

The Photo Above:  Be a sport and read the slightly complicated explanation of this photo.

In the summer, my daughter Katherine’s teddy bears come to live with me, and I write posts about them for her blog, Katheats

Last summer, one of my posts was “The Bears Face Their Fears.”  You can read the post here.  Churton, the bear in the picture, had a fear of public speaking.  I decided he should dress as a shepherd and read the Twenty-third Psalm in church.

The photo above shows Dr. Bob Brizendine, pastor of Hillsborough Presbyterian Church, posing with Churton.  Since Bob was out of town that Sunday, we had to take the shot on a Tuesday.  Bob donned his robe at my request and stood with Churton at the door of the church, not many questions asked.  Now that’s a jolly good sport.

Photo Below:  This is Churton at the lectern.  He was also a good sport and is happily no longer afraid of public speaking.

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  1. Thanks to you and Bob for such an entertaining post! (James enjoyed it, too.) However, it was disappointing to hear that we must have been out of town for Churton’s public debut. Maybe next time he’s visiting Grandma he’ll join us again at HPC.

    • Yes, he says he will come to church again next summer, but even though he’s not afraid of public speaking anymore, he wants to sit with James in the pew for the entire service.

  2. I think I am usually a good sport. It does seem easier with age. Nothing is really all that important to turn my nose up about. I believe this is a great New Year’s Resolution. So I will add be a good sport in all circumstances. I really like your advise “Take a breath. Be slow to react. Tell yourself you can do it.”

    • It would be a cool New Year’s resolution. Easier than some others too (like going to the gym everyday) I would think!

  3. Good advice. I’ve found that when I go along with the group decision, even though I’d rather not, I generally have a “sportin’ good time”, too. The important thing is experiencing something together with the group, not the event itself. As I get older I cherish my friendships and family more and the experiences we have together.

    • Yes. I think going along with the group decision almost always goes well. I got close to being grumpy about a steep hike this weekend, but rallied. All in all the group seemed pleased with me, which is fun too–seeing others pleased that you didn’t grump.

  4. I agree with Susan and Sandy. It’s more about spending time with dear family and friends and less about the details. Go with the flow and you are rarely disappointed!

    • And I’m trying to do a better job of thanking the organizer. I forget sometimes, that it’s not always easy to be the one who does the planning.

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