Meet Snow Lady: A Happy, Freezing Cold Giveaway!


Hi.  My name is SNOW LADY.

I’ve been living with Barbara for a short while, but I’m ready for adventure.  I want to come and live with one of you.

I promise to be a calm, cool, refreshing force in your life.  You see, I don’t have a single hormone in my body.  I’m made of snowflakes, happy, friendly, dancing snowflakes. I’m always in a wonderful mood.  I’ll do my best to brighten your mood too.

I’ll keep you company in the kitchen.  I’ll swing from your rear-view mirror.  I’ll sit on top of your dresser.  Some might say I was made for a Christmas tree.  Sure, I’m willing to pretend to be a holiday decoration, but please, don’t pack me away when the season is through.  I want to help you keep your cool all year long.

I’ve never had a hot flash.  Heavens.  Now that would worry me!

I’ve  never had a period.  That would worry me too with my skimpy white skirt.

I don’t have food cravings.  We snow girls live on delicious air.

And weight gain?  Not me.  If I start feeling a little plump, I just rub a few flakes off my tummy, and I’m slim again.

Well enough about me.  I just can’t wait to get to know one of you!

Send in a comment by Wednesday, Dec 7 at noon E.S.T. saying that you would like my company.  I’ll sail through the mail to the winner.  What a happy roller coaster ride that will be!

See one of you soon.

Brrrr!  We’ll have the best time!

Glitter and tinsel forever!

Your new friend,


(or just SNOW for short)

PS.  My favorite colors are RED and GREEN.  It would be great if you could redo your house in these vibrant, bold colors just for me  (although certainly not necessary–as I said, I’m easy).

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    • She is a TRUE character. She’s ready to move on though. Keeps asking me when I am going to get her mailing envelope ready.

    • She actually wonders if she has missed out on something. She is able to have children though-snow ladies just roll their own babies when the first snow fall comes.

  1. I’d love to have Snow Lady show up in my daughter’s mail. She has her first Law School exam ever next Wednesday, and Snow Lady’s calm, refreshing, hormone-free outlook is just what she needs!

  2. I actually laughed out loud here at the airport when I thought about Snow Lady having a hot flash :-). Hopefully if she did she would have a magic hat like Frosty to revive her!

  3. Snow Lady you sound so sweet! But I live near Buffalo and we get plenty of snow here (and it’s not as nice as you are) so you can go live with someone else 😀

    • She says she would love to live with you too. She is getting anxious about the drawing, mostly because she wants to live with everyone!

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