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The Magic Guilt-free Holiday Wand and a Picture Book Giveaway

Holiday advice articles and blogs beg us to say no, to take on less, and to use shortcuts at holiday time.  Why then, do you feel so guilty when you do?

Maybe it’s because you don’t have your own Magic Guilt-free Holiday Wand.

One wave of the wand over your holiday head, and you, my sisters, will be ready to give the old heave-ho to obligations, traditions, and requests that are bogging down your holiday spirit and time.

Thanks to  this incredible wand, you’ll be amazed at how happy and relaxed your holidays will be.  And as everyone knows, if the Queen of the Holiday Household ain’t happy, the elves aren’t happy either.

What’s cool about the Magic Guilt-free Holiday Wand is that it’s fun, easy, and inexpensive to make all by your holiday self.

Start with a paper towel tube or an old toothbrush.  Tape or tie a bit of ribbon to the end.  Add a splash of glitter if you’re feeling extra sparkly.

When it’s finished, hold the wand  in front of you.  Say, in a festive voice, “You are my beautiful Magic Guilt-free Holiday Wand.  Help me to make guilt-free decisions this holiday season.”


It’s that simple.

I’m not sending out a family photo shot for the first time in twenty-eight years.  As soon as I made the decision, I just waved my wand, and the guilt was gone.

Well almost.  Sometimes, you have to wave it twice.

Every now and then you have to wave it three times.

But never more than three times, I promise.

Thank you Magic Guilt-free Holiday Wand!

Let me know, dear Holiday Readers, how yours works…

Photo Above:  I found this picture of a magic wand in the School Art Exhibit at the North Carolina State Fair.  I don’t know if it’s a Magic Guilt-free Holiday Wand or not, but I do know it was painted by a clever, creative, sparkly young lady named Sarah.

Giveaway:  Unwrapping the Christmas Creche by Lisa Flinn and Barbara Younger is told in the voice of a child as he or she unwraps the nativity scene from Mary to the shepherds to the wise men to the cow to a visiting dog.   I’m giving away two copies.  Send in a a comment saying you would like to win one of them.   Comments should be posted by Friday, December 16 at noon E.S.T.

29 thoughts on “The Magic Guilt-free Holiday Wand and a Picture Book Giveaway”

  1. Oh, my little grand nieces would love this book. It would help me feel better, since the guilt free wand told me not to decorate the house this Christmas, or have everyone over to my house for traditional “Baking Day” before Christmas.


  2. I’m going to make a wand for myself tomorrow! I’d love to have a copy of your book to share with friends’ kids who come visit.


  3. Yes, I love the wand. I have used it for years!

    Would love to read your book and share it with my beloved little grandniece too.

    Hope you are having a lovely Sunday.


  4. I wish I had seen this post yesterday when I was feeling guilty about not inviting some people to my party. Instead I worried during the party that they might have felt slighted. I have just waved the magic wand over my head (twice) and realize how silly I was being. There will be other parties!


  5. I enjoy reading your blog. I found Kath’s blog, then Larb’s, and now yours. I love them all. I’m only 42 but know lots about hormones. About 5 years ago my dr. recommended a book called 28 days which describes each day of a cycle & various emotions one is likely to feel. The book explained why 2 wks of the month I had an optimistic outlook & the other 2 I was more pessimistic. It was a fun read just like your blog. I feel that your blog is preparing me for menopause. Hopefully by the time it comes, I will be prepared & ready for it. I love your wisdom & fun views on topics. It makes me think differently & helps me put lightheartness into subjects which can be heavy. I’m a Christian and would love to share your book with my two boys. Thanks for the entertainment you deliver through your blog. You are a fun person & your blog makes me think differently about life.


  6. I decided yesterday not to mail out Christmas Cards. I felt pressed for time, overwhelmed with gifts, frantically plotting food… And I thought, “Where can I chop something?” Then it hit me, cards. I felt guilty for all of one minute. 🙂 Life goes on.

    Your book looks very interesting.


    1. I think another neat idea is an every other year rule. I actually rotate my ornaments, so those that didn’t get used one year get used the next. Oh gosh—there goes that guilt thing again.


  7. The Creche book looks so sweet. I would love to own it. My grandmother had a huge collection and I have two of them that I really cherish. Both are displayed proudly in my home at this time of year-one in the entryway and one on the piano.


    1. You’re so lucky to have them. How fun! Cliff brought one home after he cleaned out his mom’s apartment this year. I look forward to setting it up just like she did each year.


  8. I decided not to host Christmas this year, so I don’t need to shop til I drop or clean my house! Yay! My priorities for the next 2 weeks are taking care of Emmie while she’s on Christmas vacation and finishing my revisions. And that’s all I can handle! Swoosh- just waved my magic wand! Merry Christmas, Barb!


    1. Go Frances! Have fun with Emmie. Good luck on the revisions. I’ll be with you as soon as I hear back from my agent on my latest draft. Merry Christmas to Moosie too!


  9. I think I missed this wonderful giveaway. I was actually in – wait for it! – Baltimore! I think you were there recently too? I think I read that on Laura’s blog. My son was transferred to Glen Burnie for work and we brought down a load of his stuff for him. It was so beautiful and I can’t wait to go back


    1. Baltimore! Yep, Laura and I were just there. I took my driving test in Glen Burnie. Considering I had to parallel park, I’m still amazed I passed. I hope your son will enjoy Maryland. Great beaches.


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