Singing Holiday Praises

This angel, whose name is Clara (after Clara Schumann), keeps me company in the kitchen at Christmastime.

What’s extra cool about Clara is that she sings my praises, which really helps  my holiday spirits.

“Those cheese straws look delicious!  A bit of burn around the edges only makes them more colorful.”

“Lumps add intrigue to the gravy, kind of like Rocky Road Ice Cream.”

“Your kitchen is spotless.  Let’s skip the Christmas plates and serve dinner right on the floor!”  (Clara may need spectacles.)

“I wouldn’t trade your bourbon balls for a whole cabinet filled with the finest Kentucky bourbon.”  (That one seems rather odd coming from a tea-totaling angel.)

I told Clara that this year, I’ve started Friend for the Ride.   She’s singing your praises now too.

“Those women are good sports to read what you write.”

“You even have a few male readers?  Three cheers for them.”

“Guest posters!  How generous of them to share their words.”

And I sing your praises too.  Thanks for reading!  I wish you the happiest of holidays.  Let the moments delight you, no matter the lumps in the gravy, and enjoy.

My Clara:  My mom’s church, Divinity Lutheran in Towson, Maryland, sold Clara and other angelic cats at their Christmas bazaar about twenty years ago.

Clara Schumann:  Read more about the unsung musical talents of the  wife of Robert Schumann here.   Photo is from the Wiki article on Robert.

16 thoughts on “Singing Holiday Praises”

  1. How sweet Clara is! I’d love to have my own cheering section in the kitchen. Heck, I need a portable cheering section! I’d take it with me everywhere! You didn’t come right out & say it but we DO need to give ourself support and recognize that we are doing our best (well, mostly). Our arms may not be flexible enough to give ourselves pats on the back but an occassional pat on the shoulder is good enough in a pinch. Thanks and Merry Christmas!


  2. Thank you for the messages. I especially loved the “Breathe” one a few days back. It came in the nick of time! I hope you have a very merry christmas with your family too!!!! And blessings for the New Year!!!!


    1. Thank you! Happy holidays! (and I thought of you as my daughter Laura bought a cake we are serving for dessert tonight with Christmas bells in frosting that look very retro.)


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