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Happy New Year! The Best Twenty Seconds

My favorite twenty seconds of all.

The ten seconds just before midnight on New Year’s Eve.

And the ten seconds right after that big ball drops.

This is not ordinary time.

These are not ordinary seconds.

I find the rolling out of the old year and the rolling in of the new one to be filled with extraordinary hope and joie de vive. The world is giving me a whole new year.  Amazing.

2012 brings millions more seconds.

If only I could cherish each and every one of them like I do those twenty seconds on New Year’s Eve.

I’m going to try.

Want to join me?

Photo:  Actually, these are next year’s noisemakers.  We were going to host a party, so I picked up these festive horns.  Then a friend and neighbor announced she was having one too.  We cancelled ours to join hers, and I’m tucking these guys away until December 31, 2012, when hopefully we’ll rock in the new year at our house.

10 thoughts on “Happy New Year! The Best Twenty Seconds”

  1. Oh…the horns are so shiny and beautiful and full of promise. Best wishes for all good things in 2012! And looking forward even to 2013!! The future looks bright.


  2. I think it’s so interesting that some seconds of life are SO special and others are not – like walking down the aisle at your wedding verses walking down that aisle any other point in life, or the last moments of vacation or when the clock turns 10:26!


    1. When you and Dad came down the aisle, what an exciting twenty seconds that was! I asked Dad, and he thinks it was more like thirty-five or forty. Let’s watch the video again soon!


    1. Yes, me too. Good luck with yours. I wrote mine down last year and lost the list.

      Hmm, does that mean one of my resolutions this year should be to be more orderly!

      Happy New Year!


  3. Happy New Year’s Eve! I’m running a contest: Who can spell the sound that those noisemakers make? You know, at the stroke of midnight everybody blows on them (before and after the kissin’) and they go ________. The winner (closest to the correct spelling, on your honor, no goggling allowed) may get an invite to our next NYE party to blow one or … may not 😉


    1. I tried, honestly, I did, but that is a hard one! However, since I’ll be doing a good bit of the cooking, I have a hunch I’ll be invited to the party anyway.

      Happy 2012, XO


    2. That depends on which noisemaker. While the ones in the middle go “wwhhhnnkkfapfapfapwwhhww”, the ones on the ends sound more like “wwwhhhnnnnkkkk,wwhhnnnkkk,whnnkk” Cheers and Happy New Year !!!


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