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Guest Post and a Giveaway: Bring Out Your Inner Dragon!

A guest post by my friend Minnilue :

Finally– a holiday that embraces menopausal women.  The Chinese New Year starts on January 23. Get out your noise-makers ladies, the Year of the Dragon is almost upon us. In Chinese Astrology, dragons are special and revered, so wipe out your western view of Smaug or Puff. These dragons are a symbol of power and wisdom.

I searched online, and found a western definition of Menopause that called it “a normal phase in a woman’s life.” How boring-sounding is that? I don’t know about you, but menopause was anything but normal to me.  I prefer the Chinese medicine definition I found that said menopause is “a natural change that creates an imbalance in the body.”

I had a washing machine that worked well for years and years. It washed baby diapers, shin guards, jammies, occasional rocks and Ninja Turtles. Suddenly one day it bucked, bumped, and spun out of control–leaking water all over the floor. The red light flashed “IMBALANCE” over and over—“Danger Will Robinson!” After a day or so, I got it to work (well, at least on the Delicate cycle. The Normal cycle never worked again. ) After another year, it finally stopped. I just got a new washer. It washes and behaves well, but without the thrill of the bang and clang, washing clothes is “normal and boring” again.

You have to admit that a fire-breathing dragon, like menopause, does lend itself to drama and aura. Hot flashes—once they start, there’s no going back. Mood swings? “The dragon made me do it.” But hang in there. One day menopause will be over, and your body will be back in better balance–whatever that means.

Lucky Envelope Giveaway:  For a chance to win a Good Luck Chinese Envelope, please tell the Dragon about a change you fantasize happening in your life (or a friend’s life) in the New Year OR what dragon in literature or mythology is your favorite dragon.  Send entry by Friday at noon,E.S.T.  Winners will be chosen at random.

For further reading check out:

 Wikipedia.org/wiki/Chinese-New-Year   and Chinesenewyear2012.net

Read about your animal sign according to birth year:  Chinesezodiac.com  

The Dragon:  A Google Image search found this handsome dragon here.

Minnilue  lives with her husband, Tom, ‘Fraidy Cat, and a new washer with the Normal cycle. The rest of her life is a combination of Normal cycle and Year of the Dragon.

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16 thoughts on “Guest Post and a Giveaway: Bring Out Your Inner Dragon!”

  1. Dear Dragon,

    My friend Barbara and I need some good luck this Year of the Dragon. We both want to sell a manuscript!

    I bow before you fire and passion! Now give us that good luck!!!

    Oh, and thanks!



  2. Dear Dragon,

    I would love to organize my house and life in the Chinese New Year!! I can envision a new garden shed with neatly stacked rakes & hoes; an attic I can actually enter; living room furniture that isn’t seemingly arranged by a recent tornado; a closet that isn’t stuffed with clothes 2 sizes too small; and non-jumbled kitchen cabinets. On the figure front, I’d like to be 2 sizes smaller to fit into those clothes sadly hanging in my over-stuffed closet.


    1. Susan, Wait for a hot flash, crank up your IPOD and go for it! But make sure not to clean on the 23rd, or you’ll sweep all your luck away. The Dragon


  3. Haha – I love that your washing machine said ‘IMBALANCE.’ I know what it means though – ever listened to a big duvet cover clunking round the spin?

    My favorite drag is Puff the Magic Dragon, who lived by the sea.


  4. Yes! My hairdresser told me that when she heard “that clunk” she had to run grab her washer and hold on for all she was worth to keep it from yanking the hose out from the wall.

    Puff is a sweetheart dragon, isn’t he.


  5. How fitting a post having eaten Chinese nearly all weekend long. Must be a menapausal flash for me :-). I also greatly appreciate the reference to Lost in Space – so often these days I feel that way! Thank you, Min, for reminding us of the power of the dragon!


    1. Rebecca, Yes, I’ve been “craving” Chinese food all week–I wasn’t sure if it was the dreary weather or writing this blog post–now I know it’s a menopausal flash! if it gets me out of cooking supper tonight, I’m all for it. Makes you wonder how June Lockhart got through menopause out in space, though.


      1. According to the episode Saturday night, June cooked up the local people-replicating plants :-). And now you have done it – I am going to have Chinese for lunch today!


  6. like katherine, puff is a fav. i am imagining/fantasizing looking out my kitchen window and seeing many magical “puffs” frolicking in the woods………
    and doing all of my yardwork!!!
    p.s. maybe we should ask james maxey about dragons as he is a dragon/fantasy expert! but somehow i doubt he has menopausal dragons in his books.


    1. Yes, Judy. I could go for “Puff” magically doing my yardwork–we need to take down some trees. I’m thinking I could point him in the right direction, and say “Flame On!” Uh oh, I think that might be “Johnny Storm.” You’re right, we might have to consult with james maxey.


    1. Janet, That was a great article–thanks for sharing. I’ll bet the author (like me) is DONE with menopause, so it’s a little easier to write something uplifting-ha!


    1. “Ah,” says the dragon. “Good luck.” And I say good luck too! Vermont is beautiful (I went to Montpelier for residencies when I was working on my MFA, but Texas is way fun! (Lived there one summer with Cliff and the girls when Cliff was doing contract work in Dallas)


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