The Friend for the Ride Menopausal Poets

In September, poet Jane Yolen sent me a menopause poem to share with Friend for the Ride.  You can read the poem, “I Didn’t Mean to Mourn,”  here.

At the end of the post, I asked you to write your own poem about menopause, especially the cessation of periods.  Four readers sent in poetic reflections on their experiences with The Great Pause.  Here are their poems!

Bittersweet Goodbye by Judy Brown

not quite finished

but seeing the end

love and hate

aren’t all friendships

as complicated

so a sweet goodbye

and not so fond memories

but my most precious gifts in life

bestowed from this affair

a dear friend on a journey

who will be with me now.

Pausing by Cindy Stevens

pausing to give thanks

I was given the joy

of birthing our beautiful children

pausing to give thanks

for my infinite emotions

occasionally high

on occasion low

typically moderate

and colourful now and again

pausing to give thanks

my life still holds excitement

and promise

now that I have paused

I give thanks

Meno-hope by Lisa Flinn

Yes menopause

Brings out my flaws

In memory, mood, and shape.

I’m often forgetful,

First sunny, then tearful

And I hate the measuring tape!

When The Change is done

Out I’ll come

Like a butterfly on the wing.
Fresh views, bright goals,

More grace, more soul,

Giving each day some zing!

Good Riddance by Mary B. Cunningham

Good riddance to you

I don’t mourn you at all

You were never my friend!

Photo:  I found this photo by doing a google search for “Poets.”   The link is here and will take you to a poetry contest sponsored by the English Association of the University of Leicester in England.  They’re now taking entries for the 2012 contest.  Entry, anyone?

WINNER!  The lucky winner of the Lucky Red Envelope is lucky Susan B!  The Dragon says,  Congratulations, Lucky One!”

11 thoughts on “The Friend for the Ride Menopausal Poets”

  1. Lovely poems! I am always in awe of poets since I have no talent for poetry myself. Nice to think that menopause can inspire the creative.

  2. Judy, your poem expresses it perfectly–bittersweet and complicated. I agree, “feathering the nest” for new life made it definitely worth it.

    1. I was surprised how bittersweet it all is and was and I guess will be! Speaking of bittersweet, what a word to express a lot of events in life. Somebody was very clever to think that one up!

  3. I love these. It is a bitter sweet, love/hate relationship we all seem to have with menopause. One of my favorites, Dr. Seuss, wrote: Don’t mourn because it’s over. Smile because it happened. Although I doubt he was referring to menopause.

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