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When the River Runs Dry: A Giveaway and Free Samples!

When the river stops, the river bed may run dry.  That bed can get plenty rocky.

Alas, and so it can be with The Great Pause.  Menopause dryness can cause a woman real discomfort, both in the bedroom and in just plain walking around and living.

Here’s an article on vaginal dryness on the  super useful website, 34 Menopause Symptoms.   And do check with your doctor.  Mine rescued me with a prescription for estrogen cream.  Estrogen in any form concerns me some, but even used sparingly, it really helped.

There are plenty of good non-prescriptions products out there to try too.  This brings me to our giveaway and free sample offer.  The folks who make Valera, an organic personal vaginal lubricant, are offering a free tube to a winner and a free sample to everyone who wants one.

To enter the contest for the free tube,  post a comment saying you’d like to win or bop me an email at  Contest will close on Feb.2.  The winner will be chosen at random.  Don’t be shy!

For a free sample of Valera, email:  Check out their Facebook Page at

Note:  If you enter the contest, be sure to still email MyValera for your free sample (in case you don’t win).

Three cheers for the river bed and a little help from some artificial but effective rain!

Photo:  I found this photo on the  Understanding Government website  along with an article about the concerns of real rivers drying up in the West.

11 thoughts on “When the River Runs Dry: A Giveaway and Free Samples!”

  1. Always sad to see real rivers run dry. Not much we can do to bring them back :-(. But at least we can take care of ourselves! Count me inf for the giveaway!

  2. I know this is connected to an earlier blog, but loved you in the purple dress. as for the Valera,
    think I will stay with my coconut oil!

    1. Thanks about the dress! Surprisingly, both girls liked that dress. Shocked me as it’s slightly droopy, so I thought they would fail it on droopiness

      Actually, Valera has coconut oil in it.

  3. Yes, please I would like to win. Oddly, this is one problem I’m not having ( yet) but I’ll be prepared for when it does happen. I really hate how the shape of my body is changing, especially the super saggy belly all of a sudden, grrrrrrr.

  4. Estrace Cream saved my mind, sex life and sense of self–did wonders for my relationship too…I could participate…well worth the talk with the doc…I do some workshops for women/men/sex and cancer and we talk about estrogen cream. Tho the party line after breast cancer is often “no estrogen no way” some cancer survivors can use estrogen cream..again–talk to the doc.

    Diane Cameron

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