Aging and Alcohol: Only a Drop to Drink

This is a whiny post.  A pun is somewhat intended since wine is part of the whining.

I can’t drink like I used to.

Not that I was ever a lush, but I enjoy having more than one drink sometimes, especially at festive occasions such as weddings (and especially when the drinks are free).

But in recent years, more than one drink has kept me up at night (or rather woken me up in the middle of the night).  I’m not a great sleeper anyway, so it took me a while to figure out that extra crummy sleep will follow a bit of  imbibing.

I know in the scope of things, not being able to have two glasses of wine or two big old beers is no big deal, but it still makes me a little sad.

Ah youth.

The picture is my daughter Katherine glowing on a recent trip with her cute husband to Jamaica.  I don’ t know exactly what she is drinking, but it sure looks good.

And it sure would be fun to drink one.

But sadly, only one.

What about you?  Can you drink all you want or are you a member of the Only One Now That I’m Well Past Twenty-one Club?

Photo:  The photo was taken by the cute husband, to remember the trip and for Kath’s blog, Kath Eats Real Food.  (The drink is actually virgin.  Kath was a few weeks pregnant here!)

20 thoughts on “Aging and Alcohol: Only a Drop to Drink”

  1. Oh, my, that drink does look good! (And so does Kath!) Dwight and I can’t drink like we used to and maybe that’s smart. We don’t lose the next day feeling so drained and tired. Come to think of it, nowadays I often feel drained and tired even when I haven’t been drinking. My occassional “morning after” has now become my normal “day”! lol

  2. I have went from drinking everyone under the table, to just plain drinking too much and not caring. Then to drinking too much and just falling asleep until finally I started being aware of myself and how stupid I was acting. I am older now. I felt like an old loud mouthed lush…. So I quit drinking altogether lol

  3. Sadly, true. I know if I have more than one glass of wine I’ll be in for a night of short snippets of sleep. On the upside, it only takes one glass of wine to make me feel all warm and fuzzy now. So, I guess I’ll take the good out of this aging thingy. It’s saving me money. 😀

  4. I haven’t noticed any problem with sleeping, but a glass of red wine definitely warms me up quickly nowadays. If I’m already on the toasty side, I can’t even drink it!

    1. I’ve never had wine warm me up, unless it’s mulled. Glad the sleeping stuff hasn’t caught up with you though.

  5. One for me, that is all it takes, then to sleep I go. It is also harder to get out of bed the “morning after” and I do not feel well the next morning after drinking. One nap cap a week or less is about all I can handle these days. I have not been able to handle much more than that in my younger days,I was always the target of laughter with my sisters and brothers when it came to drinking.

  6. You are so right! I am noticing more recently that the “normal” 2-3 glasses does not fly anymore. I don’t like it since that used to not affect me AT ALL. I am 48 and perimenopausal. What’s bugging me most right now is the waking up at night! I used to sleep like a baby. If that came with an absence of periods, that would be maybe ok but instead the periods come every 3 weeks now! I know this is a late comment since I’m reading your archives but good subject for some of us is perimenopause–right in the thick of it baby!

    1. Hi Stacie, Fun to come back from a walk and find out someone is reading the archives! Hang in there with the periods–they’ll end, just in their own good time. The sleeping–ah-that’s a tricky one. I hope to do a post on it soon, but sadly, I’m not sure there are many solutions. I had good luck, if doing major tossing and turning, to get up for a while. You could try. But I found I had to stay up for at least an hour. Anyway thanks for reading!

      1. Wow that was a fast response! I think for some of us the sleeping is even harder b/c when we wake up at 3am our husbands are snoring like crazy (ok speak for myself but it’s totally why I am not sleeping). He has the classic problem. He works too hard and does not work out enough and if he goes over the 20bs over-allotment, he snores. So, he always snores but does not mean to. And, maybe this is a post in the workings but on top of not sleeping, we (I) worry that he is not taking care of himself and is going to drop dead. (Meanwhile I workout everyday as part of my routine) It sounds harsh but is just reality. We have a big house so I can go to another room. This is where the married couple sleeps in separate beds–hello??? We said we’d never do that but if you are not sleeping well you’ll do ANYTHING, really! I am getting there so I know!! So, we are almost in this weird place re sleeping arrangements. Have you talked about that yet? I will be brutally honest and say part of it is that men want sex no matter what and women only want sex if we are not too tired (at least that seems to be true of those that I know). Sex is a dicey but probably important topic for your blog ;). I NEVER thought I’d say this but I’d rather sleep and that is a pretty big disconnect from my husband and probably most males and I suspect it breaks up marriages unless couple find a way to talk about it or work it out

      2. I run a fan (loud but it works) and switch beds, some, too, which the men hate. They need to not take it personally! Yes, all good topics. Sleep post coming soon. Men and sex I must ponder a bit with the whole family reading this blog…How about a guest post on the topic? I’d love to have you write one, and all my guest posters report having a good time. (Or a post on another topic). Shoot me an email!

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