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Fudge: Pondering Good and Evil

Good and evil. Often, it’s easy to know the difference. To decide. To choose. “Always do what’s right,” was one of my father’s trademark lines.

But then, there are the in-between cases, the not-so-sure situations, the maybe yes or maybe no’s of morality.

As I grow older, I’m seeing the line more blurred, the answers not always so simple.   Hence my Fudge Prayer, posted especially in honor of  upcoming Valentine’s Day. (As an aside,  some women and men find this holiday almost holy; others see it as the work of the underworld.)

Anyway, back to moral quandaries and fudge.  Let us pray:

Dear God,

I can’t decide if fudge,

Is good or evil.

Cocoa beans, sugar, rich butter,

Confection of good delight

Or calories of evil to the body temple.

The fudge is gone,


Not unlike the cat and canary.

And now I offer this

Grateful Prayer of Thanksgiving

Or this humble Prayer of Repentance.

Amen and Amen.

What about you? Is chocolate a gift from above or an enticement of the devil? What other cases of good and evil do you debate with yourself and among family and friends?

Photo:  It’s your decision, of course, but here’s the recipe for the fudge in the picture.  If you decide to cook up a batch, just announce, “The Good Saint Valentine made me do it”

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26 thoughts on “Fudge: Pondering Good and Evil”

  1. That fudge picture sent me into the kitchen for M&Ms! The fudge looked marvelous but the candy was the instant fix I needed for my chocoholism (which I get every winter). Guess I’m praying for repentance (and for some form of chocolate A.A. organization).


  2. Congratulations! Just read Kath’s news. I am a new grandmother and it is wonderful. I was afraid it would make me feel old but I really feel young and carefree when I see how hard parenting is. Grandparenting is just the dessert part.


  3. Good.

    Like many joyful things, moderation is the key… I guess. Over-indulgence dulls the senses. I believe in enjoying really good stuff in small batches. I just bought an ‘artisan’ chocolate bar and have been nibbling away at it a little at a time. Perfect bliss.

    Make the fudge. Eat the fudge. It’s all good!


  4. i find chocolate critical in life. but like everything we have to be careful of how much it consumes us (ha! as opposed to how much we consume it!!). oddly, as i get thicker in to menopause i crave it less. i never thought that possible. i am so picky about chocolate though. i only want high quality. that being said i am also an m&m person!! gosh, i really want some now! great poem barbara. loved it!


  5. Chocolate is heaven sent (and heaven scent–mmmm, brownies in the oven?). Always there. My companion in celebration and consolation and just because. Its the punctuation to my meals and the exclamation point in my afternoon. We’ve had this love/love relationship since I’ve been on solid food. Chocolate is always around me, mostly around my middle section.


  6. It must be evil. Chocalate lures me back when I promise to just have small bit. It has been know to lead me down a path a caloric disaster many times. I will be saying the fudge prayer as I try to resist the temptation of valentine chocolates.
    So happy you to hear your going to be a grandma. 


    1. Let me know if the Fudge Prayer works! Thanks about grandma. Another little person to enjoy the world’s chocolate! (Although his/her dad isn’t overly fond of it, unless it’s a peanut butter cup!)


  7. Chocolate is delicious! Since your post about chocolate coincides with Kath’s baby post it occurred to me you might have a chocolate loving grandchild. Congratulations! You and Cliff will make wonderful grandparents.


    1. Oh fun. I wrote to Leslie and then read your comment. Both of Kath’s grandmas kept filled candy dishes. Problem will be that this grandma may eat way too much of the contents of the dish herself!


  8. I am very upset by your post. I gained weight just reading it :-). Seriously, I loved your poem and I do think that chocolate is good if taken in small doses! So I’m with Patti. And now I am hungry – good thing I have a bag of peanut M&M’s in my desk drawer!


  9. Luckily I don’t really care that much about chocolate. Or candy in general really. Strange right? Actually that’s a good thing – we have a summer cottage in a resort village and I walk by the fudge shop ten times a day and never stop. As a side note, why are there always fudge shops in resort towns? They always sell salt water taffy too. I think that people will buy those treats on vacation, because then it really feels like a vacation!
    I do like an occasional piece of dark chocolate sponge candy (seriously the best ever). My husband on the other hand is a chocoholic. His favorite is a candy bar we can only find up near the border, a Sky bar. It’s 4 bars in one!
    This was a fun post, thanks!


    1. You are lucky! When we go on vacation, if there’s a fudge shop nearby, I instantly start obsessing: Should I get some? How much? How will I keep from eating the whole box in one day. Love to try a Sky Bar!


  10. Chocolate clings to memories like it does your favorite white blouse (and hips, too, I suppose). Good or bad for you, Milk chocolate or Dark Chocolate,Love it or hate it–the pendulum swings in both directions. Moderation does seem to be the key; however, my dad had a different way of dealing with his chocolate urges. He said he’d binge eat about 4 of his favorite chocolate bars. He’d then feel so sick he wouldn’t even think about chocolate for 6 months to a year.


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