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Feeling Rattled?

The Great Big Bad Hormones of PMS or Menopause sure can rattle a girl.  And of course sometimes life itself adds to the clatter.

I read once that when things are so crazy you feel like a Mexican Jumping Bean,to try some slow motion.  Pretend you’re a turtle or a sloth.  (Well actually, the pretending part is my idea.)

SLOWLY put the dress back on the hanger.  The mug  in the dishwasher.  The cell phone in the charger.  Think of the nun at the abbey gate in The Sound of Music:  “Slowly, Sister, slowly.”

S….. L….. O….. W….. L…..Y

Doing a chore or even part of one in slow motion is hard, almost painful.  It goes against the core of our efficient adult selves.   But in those slow moments, even if they only last a few seconds, you feel life differently.

You remember the excellent dinner you enjoyed while wearing the dress. Smile about the silly mug your boss gave you in December.  Relive the last phone call you received:  some super cool news from  your son.

Rattles don’t calm babies.  They set them laughing, wiggling, and kicking, but have you ever tried to rush a baby or a toddler?  Can’t really be done.  They must know something we know-it-all grownups don’t.

Feel the calm of slow motion the next time you’re stressed.  And in that instant, hear the rattle of your life silence itself, even if just for one slow, peaceful moment.

Photo:  Since I have a grandchild on the way, I have rattles on my mind–the good kind.  I don’t think I’ll let the baby play with this antique celuloid model.  That rattle will remain on a high shelf, but if Baby wants brand new rattles, Grandma will take them off the toy store shelf faster than you can say “Do-re-mi.”

Quotes from The Sound of Music In a slow moment, check out these quotes from the movie!  I was amazed how many lines I knew.

20 thoughts on “Feeling Rattled?”

      1. Oh I love that: Similar to being a mother-in-law! Baby is due August 31. They live in Charlottesville, Virginia–about three and a half hours from here-not real close but it could be a lot worse.


  1. That’s an adorable rattle! Slow motion – that’s a good idea that I’ll try next time I’m all wound up. Another thing I’ve tried is taking some slow, deep breaths, concentrating on the inhalation, holding it in for as long as I can and then slowly exhaling. The extra oxygen can help me regain my mental balance. (in the picture I can almost imagine the rattle is an angel with holy starbursts emanating from her! Appropriate for your Sound of Music reference!)


  2. S….. L….. O….. W….. L…..Y —– I keep reminding myself to stop and smell the roses. It does make a difference.

    ….. “but if Baby wants …, Grandma will take them off the toy store shelf faster than you can say “Do-re-mi.” That’s why children are spoiled. Because you can’t spank grandparents…Spoil Away!!!


  3. Another thing I find helpful to slow down and relax is to concentrate on releasing and relaxing my shoulders and face. Amazing how we pull our shoulders up and wrinkle up our foreheads and squint our eyes etc. Deep, slow breathing helps alot too.


    1. I find I am squinching up my face and shoulders more and more. I can stop for like thirty seconds and then it starts up again.


  4. Kath maybe it’s a premonition that the baby is a boy!
    We have a Sound of Music ban in our household. My daughter watched it over and over her entire life growing up. She still loves it. Pretty sure the father-daughter dance at her wedding will be one of the songs.
    One of my better traits is that I’m pretty laid back. Like a sloth! Or a slow loris.
    Congrats on the soon to be grandchild! Good thing you have Goodnight Moon at the ready!


    1. Oh fun about the Sound of Music. I wonder if your daughter saw the Oprah show last year where the cast members made an appearance. Way cool!


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