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Turtle Thoughts with a Slight Link to Menopause

The other night, I had a dream I was wading through dozens of  enormous turtles.  And so the next day I tried to figure out the dream’s message for this menopausal blogger.

Should I up my efforts to declutter the house so we can fit into a smaller shell in a few years?

Do I need to increase my walking pace?  Wear stronger sunscreen to prevent leathery skin?  Buy some funky placemats in an earth-toned geometric print?  Eat more greens?   Be more patient?  Be less patient?

Should I tuck in my head, think deeper, and write harder?

Or does dreaming of turtles suggest I am behaving much too turtle-like?  Do I need to stop writing with such intensity and abandon my semi-turtle shell life?   More party and less keyboard pounding?

Is the dream urging Cliff and me to put our shells in gear and get going on the world travel we long for.  (The dream was vaguely set on the Galapagos Islands.)

Was the dream’s purpose to teach me, once and for all, that I need to get over the frustration of not being able to solve the world’s mysteries?  I’ve always wondered how it feels to be a turtle, and I will NEVER have the privilege of knowing.  Chill, Barbara.  But I still wonder:  Do lady turtles go through menopause?  Bless their turtle hearts if they do.  Menopause and a shell can’t be a great combination.

OR (and I promise this is the final “or”) does my dream mean, plain, happy, and simple, that I’m lucky, very lucky, to live in a world graced by amazing and intriguing creatures?

And now a hypothetical question for you, my dear human readers:  What would you MOST like to ask  one of the world’s creatures?  Leave a comment by clicking on “Comments ” below.

Photo:  I found this lovely turtle, who is really a tortoise, on  I’m pretending she has in-shell access to the Internet  and is a fan of Friend for the Ride.  I’d love to have some readers in the Galapagos!

Change Your Life!  Learn once and for all, the difference between a turtle and a tortoise by watching this SHORT video.

17 thoughts on “Turtle Thoughts with a Slight Link to Menopause”

  1. I would like to ask the turtle about his feelings during the race with the hare. But mostly I would want to ask another creature, the Unicorn, why they all went away and were too? I fear we may have run them off by being too selfish and not stopping enough to enjoy the beauty of nature.

  2. I’d like to ask an animal how it knows that snow or hurricanes are coming. I mean, it’s not like they can watch the Weather Channel. Do they feel the barometric pressure drop? Or is it some feeling like DANGER DANGER DANGER get the heck out of Dodge? Or do the younger ones watch the older ones? Do they evesdrop outside of Greg Fischel’s office?

  3. i think menopause in a turtle shell could be quite great actually. i would love to crawl in to one sometimes!! 🙂 (maybe turtles are in a purpetual menopause or “that time of the month”)!!

    i would love to talk to a bird sometime and really just ask how it feels to fly over the world!!

    1. Can you imagine flying? I had major flying dreams as a child. Not so many now but still some. It’s always so effortless. I read the other day that bugs have to warm up before they start to fly. I never thought of bug warm up!

  4. Hahaha – your attempts at analyzing the turlte dream cracked me up. I have a lot of comments and analysis whispering in my head too. Crazy? Well – your speculations were creative. Love ’em. Maybe the turtle dream was just a nudge to slow down. So many people I interact with lately feel like they’re sinking in all the to-do’s in their life.

    And what would I ask a creature? I wonder about cows in the fields when I pass by at 75 mph in a car, and horses hanging out near boundary fences. they watch as we speed by and i wonder what they think. I live in the country in Colorado. We have foxes who burrow under our shed each winter and delight us with fox pups in the spring. Many summers those fox pups play with the white dogs who live next door. I wonder if they compare lives. the comforts of being in a home? the freedom of wandering in the moonlight. Eating dog food vs eating what mom & dad drag home (bunnies, birds, mice, etc.)

    1. How fun to watch foxes! I had no idea they would play with dogs. I bet they do compare lives. If it’s anything like my girls growing up, def. a grass is greener issue. My girls even wanted me to have the same hair as one of the other mother’s (mine is light and kind of mousy–they wanted thick and black). And I think you’re right on the slowing down.

    2. I’d love to know what animals think about also. We had a fox den under a building once. They are so curious about the world. It makes me smile to remember one day–the little fox sitting in the grass, watching a man on a golf cart drive by. The little fox turned her head, and her eyes followed the man all the way down the road. What the heck was she thinking about? Sneaking into the man’s lunch bag? Joining up with her sister and taking off in the cart a la Thelma & Louise?

  5. Mae Lee and I were wondering if turtles have hot flashes? We think probably not unless the shell has air conditioning.If it is not equipped with air conditioning then the shell would have to go!! Since we haven’t seen any naked turtles walking around then I guess we know the answer. (Mae Lee is visiting me in charlottesville) Heading to the bakery this morning.

    1. Yes poor turtles if they do!

      Thanks for going to the bakery. Kath is launching her new blog today and is quite excited: You two will have to give me grandmother lessons!

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