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Menopause the Musical

I just saw Menopause the Musical.  What fun!  The show is witty, insightful, clever, and well-staged.  Although the script is somewhat lacking in plot, the cast of characters is oh so darling and spunky.  The playbill lists them as a professional woman, a soap star, an earth mother, and an Iowa housewife.  The actresses who portrayed them did wonderful jobs.

And could they sing!  The songs move so fast, it’s hard to catch all the lyrics  but no matter as any sixties girl will love songs about the Great Change set to olden goldies like “Good Vibrations,” “Don’t Make Me Over,” “Puff the Magic Dragon,” and “Don’t Say Nothin Bad About My Baby” (changed to”Don’t Say Nothin Bad about My Body.”)

Menopause the Musical touches on so many aspects of menopause that the audience hooted and clapped through most of the show.  I was surprised there was no mention of periods and the end of  periods (and their sometimes reappearance after a few months).

What was as much fun as the show itself was realizing I have a husband brave enough to go.  When the usher seated us, she said to Cliff, “Do you feel intimidated?” (I counted about ten men in the audience.)  Happily, he answered, “No.”  I suppose if you sweat through menopause with a real live woman, it can only make you so nervous watching stage women acting, dancing, and belting it out.

So do see Menopause the Musical if it comes to your area.  Send in your thoughts, those of you who have seen it.  To add to the girly atmosphere, the show is set at Bloomies!

19 thoughts on “Menopause the Musical”

  1. I directed and acted in my group’s production of Vagina Monologues…it was such fun to rehearse and then slightly “naughty” performing it in front of folks in my town. I have always wanted to see Menopause, the Musical…glad to hear Cliff wasn’t intimidated.

    1. Not intimidated about MTM, but the VMs sounds — not that I know anything about that production — like it might be more intimidating.

  2. Yes! I saw it with my sisters and cousins several years ago. We loved it so much we all bought the music CD. Awesome songs! We play it every time we get together. There is nothing like the experience of sitting in an audience of women cheering, laughing, crying, and about to pee their pants! There are assorted clips on Youtube, but none of them do the musical justice. A MUST SEE! Congrats Cliff for joining in the ‘fun’??? 😉

  3. I saw it in Denver and laughed so hard I almost pee’d in my pants!! There were a few men in the audience who, well, who didn’t seem to get it. But the women rocking with laughter.

    1. Fun! I got a kick out of the younger women in the audience. Kind of like they were there so they could brace themselves for what’s ahead. I find that my own daughters aren’t too interested in menopause. Either it’s too far in the future or they are in denial already.

  4. I really do need to meet Cliff, one of these days! He sounds like a great sport. 🙂 Menopause the Musical sounds cute, too. Wonder if I could convince a few friends to go see that?

    1. A good sport maybe but thank goodness for the mostly early 60s soundtrack and women that could sing or I might have had my own hot flash by the end.

    2. Your friends would love it. You and Madi will have to stop by sometime to meet Cliff and maybe I could take you girls to lunch downtown. Maybe this summer?

  5. Close friends of ours daughter had a major role in the VM when they did it at UNC. So there
    sit several couples watching a young woman who we had watch grow up…..go through the
    motions and noises of a major organism!!! what was even funnier is her boyfriend’s mother and grandmother
    were there too. Luckily all were great sports.

  6. yes, i too saw VM at UNC with martin. We roared with laughter. a must see as well. so sorry i missed this play barbara but will put on my list. if we don’t laugh at all of this we might end up in nursing homes even sooner!

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