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What the Psychologists Say and a Giveaway!


A few years ago, my friend Lisa and I led a women’s retreat on the subject of happiness.  That’s when I realized there are people who study the subject officially and write books about it.  Fun!

While looking at happiness literature, I found this neat little title:

 Here are ten of my favorite tips from the book (although I like all of them).

Secret 12:  Have realistic expectations.

Secret 22:  Pay attention.  You may have what you want.

Secret 34:  It’s not what happened.  It’s how you think about what happened.

Secret 38:  Share of yourself.

Secret 49:  Be a peacemaker.

Secret 51:  Make your work a calling.

Secret 59:  Be Your own fan.

Secret 71:  Don’t accept television’s picture of the world.

Secret 82:  Don’t dwell on unwinnable conflicts.

And here’s a good one if you’re feeling extra wrinkly today:

Secret 98:  You have not finished the best part of your life.

Author and psychologist David Niven does a great job expounding on each secret with succinct  explanations, suggestions, and easygoing examples.  And he backs each secret up with psychological research.

Yes, a lot of the points ARE really simple, but I’m kind of slow to get some of this stuff.  It helps me to read it in happy black and white. I like to pick this book up sometimes when I’m feeling grumpy or at loose ends, and you will too.  That’s why I’m offering it as a GIVEAWAY.  Post a comment below or send me an email saying  you’d like to be entered in the giveaway.  I’ll choose a winner at random on March 8.

Photo at the top of the post was taken by daughter Kath  at a  funky sandwich shop in San Diego this week.

Photo below is my daughter Laura, the school psychologist, at her graduation from Northeastern University last spring.  (Since Laura spent seven years studying psychology as an undergrad and graduate student, I’m taking this motherly opportunity to post her picture on this post related to the study of the mind and human behavior.)

The book is One Hundred Simple Secrets of Happy People:  What Scientists Have Learned and How You can Use It.  David Niven, Ph.D.  Harper One, 2006.

20 thoughts on “What the Psychologists Say and a Giveaway!”

  1. I would love to win the book. I often need to be reminded of things like “Pay attention. You may have what you want.” Sometimes I worry too much about what I can do to live a happy life instead of just enjoying the happy life I already am living.


    1. Yep! I had one of those moments today while I was cleaning the bathroom. It’s good enough to have a nice bathroom to clean.


  2. Your blog is wonderful, and I find myself smiling when I read it. While I do try, sometimes I do find myself … forget it, there isn’t a happy way to put it. Anyway, I believe I could find some benefit in reading this book. Especially since I just learned that you, too, benefit from it and like to pick it up from time to time to refer back to it. I would like to be entered into the drawing for the ‘100 Simple Secrets of Happy People’ book; but if I don’t win, I will be happy for the person who does win it because I know they will appreciate it as well.


  3. I found this quote on the internet earlier today which has prompted my current motto: Appreciate now. Here is the quote by Colete: “What a wonderful life I’ve had! I only wish I’d realized it sooner.” I’m going to try to realize what a wonderful life I’m having in the here and now. Nice post!


  4. i would love to be entered in your giveaway. i love secrets, especially when they will make me happy!!! wonderful post barbara and nice foto of you and laura!


  5. Make your work a calling. Hmmmmm. Don’t know why I kept going back to that one. Please enter me in your drawing. Who doesn’t want to get her happy on?!? Thanks for offering.


    1. Thanks for reading! I didn’t understand until I started blogging, what readers can mean. I appreciate all of your so much.


  6. I have a few of my own favorites:

    10. Limit yourself to thinking about one subject as you lie down to sleep

    27. Don’t confuse stuff with success

    64. Keep a pen and paper handy

    91. Don’t let others set your goals

    BTW, great photo of you and your graduate!


  7. What a fun photo of Laura and you. It goes perfectly with this post. Both the photo and the cover of the book exude “happiness!” Please do enter me in the drawing. I like Secret #34. My mom had an Alzheimer’s type disease. She frequently asked why her parents hadn’t visited her. Instead of telling her that they had passed away (she would experience the grief anew each time), we told her they were away on a trip to Florida and were coming to see her on the way back home. It might be a stretch to view Florida as “heaven” but it always brought a smile to her face.


  8. My husband and I own a few of the “happiness” books out there, but not this one! I would love to be entered in the drawing!


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