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Grandma by Any Other Name Will Sound as Sweet

The baby above, one of my babies, is having a baby.




I’d love to say something profound about grandmothering.

But although I’m the mother of two girls, I don’t know beans about being a GRANDMOTHER.


Everyone asks what I want to be called.

Anything short of  “Hey You” will do.

Well, actually, if the baby wants to call me  “Hey You, ” that might just be okay.

After all, this is my grandchild!

The only thing I really know about grandmothering, thus far, is that the baby, due August 31, will not be wearing Katherine’s pretty white dress, saved oh so many years



BTW, advice is welcome!  I’ve heard we’re not supposed to offer advice to the parents, but you can send me a whole bassinetful. Thanks!

21 thoughts on “Grandma by Any Other Name Will Sound as Sweet”

  1. Yay!!! It’s so great. Every cliche is right. There’s NOTHING like it. Welcome to the club.
    And I go by Grandma too. So happy for you. Advice will come as I think of things. Shopping!! So great- some of the best places are Costco, TJMaxx, and Target. And of course I have to knit.
    Enjoy… and I’m sure a daughter having a baby is different than sons having them.. but still it’s the GREATEST!


  2. I have no kids but when my 7 year old nephew visits my parents’ house they do such things as give him ice cream before bed, let him mix up cake batter with his hands(!), shoot spit balls out of a pen, squirt the pooches with water pistols, and watch cartoons until his eyes fall out. Basically, he gets to do everything my brother and I were denied. That’s their grandparenting strategy. 😉


    1. Fun! You parents rock, although I’m not sure I could take the cake batter unless I scrubbed those little hands myself. I do plan on breaking a few of my own (and maybe Kath’s, but shhhh don’t tell) rules!


  3. My parents wigged out when they became grandparents, insisting that they choose names to be called to ensure nothing sounded “grand.” When I became a “grand” nearly 3 years ago that thought didn’t even enter my head – I was just so darn proud to have a gandson! I find that I hold my tongue quite a bit when I see them raising him differently than I would. But they are loving parents and would never let anything happen to him. So I guess my advice to you after three years is to let the kids raise their kids – but IF/when they flat out ask you for advice – take advantage of the opening and let it flow!


  4. Advice on being a grandparent – love them and have fun with them. Let the parents be the disciplinarians. Buy for the baby whatever you want.


  5. I know nothing about being a grandparent, so no advice, you’re on your own. Bet there will be fun times ahead, so enjoy. Altho I do know about raising boys, and I agree they do need to be scrubbed alot! There was the time one of mine “shampooed” his brother’s hair with chocolate chip cookie dough. . . .


  6. Congratulations on a grandbaby boy!, I am not a grandmother but I have a boy, now a teenager, and boys are so much fun!!! Look forward to hearing what it’s like for you!


    1. I keep hearing that about boys. They sure are cute. I had always imagined I’d have a son, so this is extra-exciting!


  7. Congratulations! I follow Kath’s blogs. Although the menopause topic is closer to me that the new baby, I loved remember what that felt like! They are going to be awesome parents with some pretty special grandparents (and great grandmother) around. I bet your mom is thrilled!


    1. Thanks for reading all the blogs! My mom is beside herself. A lot of her friends are great-grandma’s. Now she gets a turn!


  8. Hi, I found your blog from Kath’s, which I found from the Great Harvest Bread Co. I live just outside Cville. I became “Grammy” about 4 1/2 years ago. We now have 4 grandchildren. Lots of great advice has been shared here. Being a mom is great but being grandparents is the most wonderful thing in the world. We have 2 daughters and they each have a boy and girl. I’ve been reading back on your blog and love it! So many things have applied to me and our birthdays are just a couple of days apart. Congratulations on the journey you are starting! Rena


    1. Delighted you found the blog! Thanks for the good words on the blog and being a grandma. I was pretty stressed when my girls were little, so hope I can be a more patient, easygoing grandma! Thanks for your comment. Welcome.


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