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Does a Friend Tell a Friend She’s Got a Chin Hair?

This is one of those TMI kind of posts, a post that when I was thirty-five, I had no clue I would dare write.  Of course when I was thirty-five, I had no clue about the super yucko stuff that was going to happen to me in menopause.  I also had no clue what a blog was.  (Nobody did, yet, according to this fun history on wiki.)

That leads us to the subject of the post:  CHIN HAIR.

I have always liked the story of “The Three Billy Goats Gruff.”  I love the line, “Not by the hair of my chinny chin chin,” and as a little girl, I got a kick out of all that trip trapping over bridges.  And who doesn’t get some kicks out of hating a big bad troll?  (A REAL troll, not an Internet sort of bad person.)

But I didn’t know I would turn into a billy goat!

And the Big Bad Menopause Troll throws you the double whammy that after you get those long, fine hairs cascading off your chin, you can’t see them without a magnifying glass.

So that brings us to this post’s title:   Does a Friend Tell a Friend She’s Got a Chin Hair?

This happened to me.  I was at first mortified.

But on reflection, I was grateful.

So I say, “Yes.”

What do you say?

Photo above is Paul Galdone’s wonderful version of The Three Billy Goats Gruff.

Photo below shows some acceptable chin hairs, because this guy is a real and true billy goat, by the hairs of his chinny, chin, chin.

PS:  My friend Kay has just reminded me that the expression “chinny, chin, chin” is from “The Three Little Pigs” NOT “The Billy Goat’s Gruff.”  My literary bad!

30 thoughts on “Does a Friend Tell a Friend She’s Got a Chin Hair?”

  1. Well since I know who that friend was, I am sorry if you were mortified. But I am sure it would have been worse if a stranger had pointed it out. Or if no one did and you found out it had been there a long time and people saw it but said nothing. Anyway, PLEASE friends, if you see one on me, tell me about it. I found one under my chin one day and plucked it out. Now I check constantly to see if it is back–so far it hasn’t returned. Oh, all the things we have to deal with as we age! It can be very upsetting sometimes. But I try to laugh about it–what else can you do.


    1. Yes, Absolutely (discretely) let them know, but don’t get upset if you were out with friends and nobody says anything… it might just be that they didn’t even see it with their ‘old’ eyes. If you can’t easily see it, they probably won’t notice; but you can sure bet that small children can and do see it and will feel compelled to make a boisterous announcement…sort of like finding that four leaf clover! Sooooo, now that you are going to be a grandmother, you better invest in a magnifying mirror and check it before seeing your grandchildren.


    2. I was glad you told me, Gail! But it did kind of shock me that something like that could grow on my face, and I didn’t have a clue.


  2. LOVE THis. you are a daring woman, Barbara! Only you can write this with grace and laughter. Actually, IF I was brave enough to point this out to my friend, I would give her the name of my lovely electrolysis expert.


      1. Seriously. What’s up with that? One day they aren’t there, the next they’re half an inch long. If we could figure out what makes those things grow so fast, we could make a mint curing baldness.


  3. i am on the gently tell a friend side. sisters are the best for this because no embarrassment involved. daughters are also helpful but not always as understanding. they might tell us with a bit of disgust. the only exception i would include is don’t tell a friend as they walk in to a formal affair, all gussied up, with no tweezers available. it might ruin their evening!!
    p.s. the goats are soooo cute. wish our chin hairs could be that cute!!


  4. I guess chin hair ranks up there with toilet paper stuck to one’s shoe, “bad hair” in the back of one’s head, spinach between the teeth, clothing put on inside outwards–I could go on and on, and they’ve all happened to me. I’ve been grateful to the people who have had the courage to speak up.


    1. I esp. want to know the spinach in the teeth, which seems to be happening to me more and more. I read that’s another old age thing. Yikes!


  5. Yes, please tell me. Or if anything is out of place, or if I am wearing or not wearing anything embarrassing. Please. But, whether I’m brave enough to tell my friends, well, that’s a whole ‘nother story.


  6. TMI! Sure glad that men don’t have these problems 😉 So ladies, next time I see one of you have one of what the Billy Goats have on their chins, I will let you know, or let your husbands know, or since we’re all friends now and no longer have any illusions of privacy, I’ll post it on Facebook or send out a Tweet — not.


  7. please tell…execpt I have quite a few on the they getted waxed This menopause shit is for the birds…and I am only 45..I just woke up one day and.. man is it hot out or is it me..this is in 30 degree winter…lol oohh the price we pay as women. Have a good day.


    1. We sure do pay a price. That hit me when I found out my grandchild was a boy. I thought, no periods, no menopause.


  8. I just never know because when someone has a huge hair growing out of a mole for years, ya think they would have seen it by now…which means maybe they want it there?


    1. Ha. When you were a little girl, you hated those sorts of things. (I guess you still do.) I read once that a hair in a mole was a bad health sign, but not sure if that’s really accurate or not.


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