Menopause, PMS

A Peeps Internet Confession

This post is short but sweet.

I adore Peeps. I mean I really adore them.

I’m fessing up in honor of the Easter holiday and the great candy it brings.

When I was in the throes of PMS and Menopause Madness, I would not just eat a a whole ROW of Peeps in one sitting but an  ENTIRE box.

And yes, I think they are darling, but I can gobble them down without any mercy.

So now you fess up!

What is your hormonal food of hormonal foods?  You’re guaranteed safe haven on Friend for the Ride.

Recipes:  I’m pretty much a Peeps purist, but here are some recipes if you’re feeling like you want to branch out.

And here are some more.

P.S.  Now that my hormones feel calmer, I’m down to two Peeps at a time. My goal is to be able to eat just one, but life is awfully short (for me and the Peeps.)

27 thoughts on “A Peeps Internet Confession”

  1. Are those peeps dipped in chocolate and decorated? Adorable! I’ll let you eat the peeps, I claim the chocolate bunnies. However, if I let myself buy them I could gobble up all the malted milk balls in one of those milk cartons. Glad my girls aren’t getting Easter baskets anymore – too dangerous for the Easter Bunny’s waistline.


  2. such gorgeous rows of peeps, all standing so stoically. they are all for you barbara. whenever i see a peep i think of you!!! you stand out like the little yellow peep!
    my weakness is chocolate and sometimes potato chips. i must say my cravings have been diminishing as i go through menopause. one nice thing anyway.


  3. I’m with you, Barb! Peeps are my favorite.

    I do something really weird with them. I open the box and let them get stale, you know, sort of semi-hard. I like them chewier, not so marshmallow soft. There. I’ve confessed. I have been known to have several boxes open at the same time ‘aging.’

    Thanks for the fun!


  4. I loved the double a stutter (“I would not just eat a a whole ROW …” in your post. I surmise it was a typo but it adds so much to your confession, as if you had to swallow hard between a’s before confessing your truth.

    Not hormonal at all, but I can’t buy a box of Cheese Nips. Once opened the whole box goes down the hatch — even the large 1 lb. box. I just smile when I walk by them in the grocery but it’s hard to resist buying them when the boxes are Buy One Get One Free.


    1. I had no idea you loved Cheese Nips so much! And to think we’ve been married for thirty-five years.


  5. It’s always been M&Ms – and usually peanut. Imagine my delight when I found Bunny Mix peanut ones in pastel colors at the Harris Teeter on Saturday!


  6. I’m sorry, but chocolate is the only choice. Now, any form of chocolate is most agreeable. Not sure if it is still hormones, but chocolate still the craving of choice for me.


  7. this is the first time since i can remember that i didn’t buy peeps. My 23 year old daughter had some in her car though and insisted I eat just one. I did. I just didn’t get the cravings for them that i used to? I am definitely going through a change.


    1. Amazing! And so fun you just wrote this comment! I have post coming up in a few minutes about chocolate cravings.


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