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This is Duckie now.

And this is Duckie when he was just born.

What a difference, but we love him just the same.  We’re  quacking nuts over this duck.  To the memories!

Duckie arriving that first Easter to surprise Laura.

Duckie settling in and developing quite the personality.

Duckie singing.  Duckie dancing.  Duckie swinging.  Duckie sledding. Duckie laughing.

Duckie wearing T-shirts and baseball caps and scarves.

Duckie riding in the red wagon to play at Beth’s across the street.

Duckie flying down the stairs.

Duckie trekking to the mall.

Duckie blowing out birthday candles.

Duckie riding in a laundry bag though the airport and then the skies, all the way to San Diego.

Duckie attending sleepovers. 

Duckie meeting boyfriends.

Duckie visiting  college.

Celebrate the Duckies in your life (be they rabbits, bears, dolls, dogs, monkeys, lions, or any other huggables), and give them an Easter hug from Duckie.  Oh and one from me, too.

Happy Easter! I hope your basket overflows with chocolate and PEEPS!

(P.S.  No doubt Duckie thinks WE look a bit older too.)

Just updated the post to include lions after two lion comments!  ROAR!  Reminds me that my brother and I had a lion puppet we loved named “Liony.”  I know, not real original.

Top photo courtesy Katherine Younger.

15 thoughts on “Duckie!”

  1. I had a bright orange Lyon with big warm eyes almost a characterized version with mostly head that I called Lyron.

    Happy Easter! I hope your basket overflows with chocolate and PEEPS, too!

    Speaking of peeps–these links are cute, but don’t show all of the creations they showed on the news which some were even more intricate: Peep Zilla made from 1,500 peeps, Peeptastic-a farm with cows, horses and pigs made with 1,300 peeps. This is an annual free 10 day spring event with lots of entries. They said peeps started as an inexpensive handmade candy in the 1940s. (six various small photos) (bra & butterfly)

  2. Oh, my! Boy, do I remember Duckie coming to visit! An amazingly huge, loveable duck that filled that small red wagon. And two little girls who loved their favorite pals (both stuffed and real life).
    I’ll give Beth’s Pal Puppie (who looks MUCH worse for wear) a big hug this weekend. And I’ll remember the days of little girls and their much loved pals.

  3. ah…. Duckie looks well loved. 😀 My daughter had Lion, or I should say ‘has’ Lion. He was given to her when she was about 2. He was about as big as she was, had a huge head (he is a black maned lion), and wore glasses. Lion was by her side, all the time, at all sleepovers, and everywhere we went.

    My daughter now has Lion sitting on top of a bookcase in her bedroom. Poor Lion has seen better days (well loved just like Duckie.) His glasses have a little piece missing; chewed off by the cat. His fur and mane is matted. But, he now sports my daughter’s tiara from prom and her Winterfest Princess sash. Lion is still well loved.

    Thanks for sharing your Duckie with us. And Happy Easter, Barb.

    1. I would think a tiara might be a good trade off for a tiny piece missing from glasses. Check the post again. I added lions.

    1. I checked with your sister and she said it was “ie.” Yes and he has friends across the Atlantic too. He says he hasn’t been across the Pacific yet.

  4. My stuffed pal was a seal named Sealy. He was well loved too. Dukie looks like he had a lot of fun in his years.

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