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Seeking: Man Brave Enough to Write Guest Post

If you are a man reading this post, say this out loud: Real men write guest posts for Friend for the Ride.

If you are a woman and you’re reading this post in earshot of a man, say this out loud:  Real men write guest posts for Friend for the Ride.  (And please send this post to some upbeat, fun, and clever men!)

I find that men are pretty kind about menopause, mostly because I bet they are tickled pink (or should I say manly blue) that they don’t have to go through it themselves.

But when I ask male cronies to write a guest post for the blog, they mostly shake their heads.  One friend, James, says he’s writing one, but I have yet to see the words…

So here’s my offer:  write me a guest post and then come to Hillsborough, North Carolina. Come by foot, bike, motorcycle, plane, car, truck, or train.  I’ll buy you a really cold beer at our funky watering hole, The Wooden Nickel.  In fact I will buy you several beers.  Here is the beer list.

Or I’ll take you to Bandidos Mexican Cafe for the very manly Conquer El Gigante, the giant burrito.  They snap your picture and put it on their wall, and there’s not a single photo of a lady, just real men.  Granted this guy is pretty young, but I bet you could do it!

Or we can go to the Nickel first and THEN for the giant burrito.

So please?  You can write about your take on menopause, how men feel about gray hair (their own or women’s), or anything else that strikes your gut.  (I first wrote “fancy” but then decided that didn’t sound like guy talk).

What an opportunity to be a REAL man!  Shoot me an email to the address on the right.  Thanks, REAL MAN.

Photo above is my husband Cliff blowing out candles on delicious birthday cupcakes in November.  He’s been a good manly egg about the blog, that’s for sure, but has yet to agree to write a guest post. Maybe that’s because he can go to the Wooden Nickel any time he wants to.

Photo of Cliff is courtesy Katherine Younger.  The other two photos are from the restaurant websites.

7 thoughts on “Seeking: Man Brave Enough to Write Guest Post”

      1. The photo is the first of five: 5 boxes of a dozen cupcakes each, and the last three cupcakes didn’t have candles on them. 4 * 12 + 9 = 57 Ate a lot of icing that night.

  1. I just put out the word to my Facebook friends. I already got one response from a man who said; ‎

    “macho blogger, brave enough to write on menopausal women” also known as “crazy man!”

    You may end up with a man who wants to remain anonymous. Ha!

  2. Good evening, Barbara and ladies! Men really do have words about menopause, even if they’re not brave (or foolish) enough to write about particular (or particularly) menopausal women. As I’ve said to Barbara, I’d be happy to add my experiences, meager as they may be. More to come….


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