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Green Peas and Changing Tastes

As a young woman, I heard often from older women, “Your tastes will change.”

As a slightly older woman, I recorded these thoughts about my taste for peas:

Dear God,

Even though they come

packaged in pods,

beautifully round

and wonderfully green,

please forgive me

for despising the taste

of your clever creation.



You know what? My palate still detests them.  Menopause has not made me want to pause for peas.

But opening a folder and stumbling on this prayer does make me wonder about my other tastes.

And you know what?  I’m not sure they’ve changed that much either in art, music, clothes, food, or decor. I do know that when Cliff and I were first married, I didn’t want to go on any vacations where I couldn’t shop. Today, shopping’s not so important. Can I count that?

Oh and I never wanted to paint any rooms blue, and we now have a very blue living room.  Who could resist paint called “Antique Map Blue.” The name stirs up images of those brave explorers charting the waters of the world so long ago.

But basically, my tastes haven’t changed, much.  Could this mean that unlike explorers, I’m bland?  Not expansive?  Set in my ways?

I’ll do more pondering, but not over a plates of peas.  In the meantime, what about you?  Has getting older changed your tastes?  In food or anything else in life?

Photo:  I found the peas above here.

Below are peas prepared by my food blogging daughter Kath. As  a baby, she refused to swallow pureed peas.  Her tastes have changed!  She loves them!  (Although she eats them whole, now.)

14 thoughts on “Green Peas and Changing Tastes”

  1. I’ve tried to change my tastes, but it doesn’t seem to work. (Other than my finding Lima beans okay other than downright detestable.) And music, books, hobbies? Yup. Still the same, too. Perhaps it’s time to branch out a bit!


  2. I disliked peas as a child and can eat them now (not mixed in with anything else, though, separate), but my biggest palate transformation is beets! Up until a few years ago, beets did not pass through these lips. Now I LOVE them! Go figure…


  3. I was a very picky eater when I was young. I’ve branched out a lot since then so my taste has changed in that regard. But I still prefer comfortable clothes to “dress up”, blue anything, quiet times rather than big parties, etc. Are some things just genetic?


  4. My “no” list is short, and includes roller coasters that dangle you upside down, and those carnival rides that go in endless circles. Although I’m still not fond of the texture of coconut, it’s not like I’d make a big deal of refusing to taste someone’s grandmother’s German Chocolate cake. (After all, it WOULD have chocolate in it, which sort of cancels out the coconut…mostly.) I’ll go to a noisy, crowded, freezing hockey game once a year or so–although I’ll wear 5 layers of clothes, keep a hot chocolate in my hand, and jump up and down and scream when my team scores. Life is short–try something new that a friend or family member likes, you might enjoy yourself more than you think.


    1. I’ve tried over the years to be more expansive in my musical tastes and will go to some jazz/blues/rock stuff with Cliff, but when the music is so loud it hurts your ears, I get grumpy.


  5. I never liked peas. My mom used to make me eat my age in peas. With my kids, I just asked them to eat one bite-in case their tastes changed. Mine haven’t changed yet. (Something that has changed is I can no longer do swings or roller coasters without feeling ill.)
    PS-Also cannot stand lima beans! My family has never had to eat peas or lima beans since I plan the dinners. Just thought of that. It’s kind of funny!


  6. i LOVE peas!! but i didn’t as a child. my sister and i would pretend to eat them and then spit them in our napkins and throw away. my sister still hates peas and we tease her all the time. my husband hates peas so sadly i rarely fix them.
    i am happy to say some of my other tastes have changed. i used to dislike history and now i love it. i hated classical music but really enjoy it now. i never liked to read but now i devour books. i hated black beans as a child but now eat them all the time, along with asparagus, turnips, and fried eggs.
    i don’t know that it means anything but it sure is fun!
    fun post barbara!


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