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Guest Post: Vein Vanity!

Judy Brown writes about the art of the vein:

The mosaic of tiny capillaries and purple veins.  It is yet another sign of our womanly aging. Every time I see an ad for a vein clinic, I hesitate.  I was really bothered when a friend of mine said she was going to a clinic to have all her protruding leg veins removed. I am sure many of you have also contemplated this procedure.

It is another decision.  But it is not a hard one for me because I have a phobia of needles. I look at my 82 year old mother’s colorful legs and see my future. I have several works of art already on my upper thighs: moles, freckles, sun damage, red dots, purple veins, other discolorations and undefined splotches.  Sometimes I stare at them.  Are  they all that bad?  

Are these intricate designs on our legs not works of art, perhaps, masterpieces?

A colorful curve in the capillary run might be the time you paced for hours in the middle of the night waiting for your teenager to come home.

The large and bulging upper thigh vein might be from stomping on the ground trying to make your point during the  “big fight” with your spouse.

Or the lacework patch of pinkish blood vessels might be the daily commute to your first job in the city.

I bet one burst was from running after your toddler at the mall!

These mini paintings show the wisdom of our years.  They show active lifestyles and miles of adventure. They show hard work and fun times. They show stress and pleasure. They even come in rainbow colors. Most amazing is that they are unique to each woman. We are each our own art piece.

What is the point of being perfect?  Of having perfect legs? How have you decided to reconcile this point of vanity?

**(Not being a medical expert, I do know that some cases of vericose veins are serious and painful, so the procedure is a life saver. I am referring to cosmetic options.)

Judy Brown grew up in Rio. Here she is basking in the sun during her senior year in high school with no worries of unsightly veins.

Stocking Photo:  These funky stockings are sold by a French company.  In case you don’t have bad veins yet but want to pretend, you can purchase a pair.   Learn more about them here.

16 thoughts on “Guest Post: Vein Vanity!”

  1. Judy, what a lovely way to look at our “imperfections”! Thank you! I have not accepted my many imperfections as gracefully as you describe; mine is more like reluctant acceptance. I’m not willing to go under the knife an the attempt to remedy lines, wrinkle, veins, etc. I’ll have to stop viewing them as enemies and more like artwork!


    1. well it just hit me one day that our “beauty” changes and that our physical selves also have alot to tell the world. i have other changes that i reluctantly accept, however!


  2. That was really wonderful Judy. That is one thing we humans need to do….learn to accept
    the good with the bad when it comes to aging. Also, great pic…….I see Ty!


  3. Haha!! Well you could certainly add other artwork….by choice!!! Let us know so we can see!
    Some of my leg “artwork” looks like a beast of some other worldy existence……. :0


  4. Yep! Alot of little spider veins on my legs and big bulging veins on my hands. Can’t imagine they would ever have trouble finding a vein to draw blood on my body! Do you think guys ever notice such things on their bodies? If they do, they don’t ever talk about it. Maybe we need to just accept ourselves as we are and try to enjoy the life we have left. And see all our age spots, red bumps, veins, scars etc as artwork. Good idea, Judy! Oh but so hard to do.


      1. Men can get spider veins and varicose veins but they have hairy legs to hide it all.
        I suppose women could stop shaving their legs.


  5. In response to Linda…..oh my word!! Imagine if we stopped shaving our legs!! I don’t know if I could handle that! Any of you?


  6. My mom didn’t miss a day of putting on her support hose before she got out of bed. How she wore those hot things in the summertime in the south, is beyond me. When I was younger, I hated pantyhose (of course I didn’t have varicose veins then). As a teenager, I remember visiting my aunt in Virginia. We were getting ready to go to church, and she casually made a comment, “most of the girls here usually wear hose, do you want to borrow a pair?” Teenage rebellion kicked in, and I went to church “bare legged.” Of course when we walked in the door, and I was the ONLY female over 9 years old without hose, I wanted to crawl back and sit in the car. My veins aren’t to the “bulgy” phase, but they are starting to get colorful. I never thought I’d say this, but I welcome the day that panty hose come back into fashion to cover them up!


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