The Art of Mothers

In honor of mothers everywhere, I present to you a rolling gallery of my mom’s artwork. Nancy Wenger Kiehne, who is 87, paints, draws, and teaches art in Towson, Maryland.

Thanks to Katherine for the photo. 

Thanks to Katherine for the photo. 

Thanks to Laura and Katherine Younger.

Ark, 05.  Thanks to Laura and Katherine Younger.

Thanks to Katherine for the photo.  

Cat playing a cello.

Thanks to Caroline.

Portrait of William Shakespeare.

Let’s hear it for  the artistry of mothers!  Happy Mothers Day!

Thanks to Katherine for the photo. 

My nephew, Chris Kiehne, is compiling an online archive of all of Mom’s work. Thanks, Chris!

Below is Mom, shopping for clothes for Kath’s baby boy (due in August), Mom’s first great-grandchild to be.  Photo courtesy Kath Younger.

16 thoughts on “The Art of Mothers”

  1. Good Lord in Heaven! Those are incredible! I am speechless. What a lovely tribute to your Mom and how lucky I feel to be able to see this gorgeous artwork. Happy Mother’s Day to you, your Mom, and of course, your beautiful Mother-to-Be. What an exciting time for you all. 😀


  2. Your mom’s artwork is so fun and colorful; she’s truly talented. We are so lucky to still have our moms in our lives.


  3. what a wonderful idea- posting your mother’s artwork. SHe is very talented! My mother paints too- although a lot less than she used to. I inherited none of her artistic abilities–how about you–can you go beyond a stick person? Not me! Is this art that she is still producing? I am impressed!


      1. I disagree. Your picking up the pencil as a child led you to express yourself in a different way. Your talent comes through “loud and clear” in your writing. Your readers can “see” the colorful, playful, vibrant person you are . We appreciate your sharing your talent with us, just as much as we appreciate your sharing your mom’s talent with us.


  4. Barb, I have always loved your mother’s style of painting, thanks for sharing.Just the right thing to share on
    Mother’s Day!


  5. What a wonderful way to honor your mother! She is so talented. I especially love the last one of the Madonna & child. Would make awesome xmas cards. Please let her know how delightful her artwork is to look at! I admire her spirit and talent!! Happy Mother’s Day to you, your mom and your daughter-soon a mom to be!


  6. Happy Mother’s Day to all! Thanks for including the photo, I can really “see” your mom in her artwork–colorful, fun, playful, and full of life. No “still life” for her! All are wonderful, but I particularly love her “grey kitty” paintings, and her vision of Jabberwocky.


  7. Fantastic artwork! I love the colors and playfulness. Obviously where you get your creative, playful spirit from. Happy Mother’s Day to all the mothers out there. Enjoy your day!


  8. Thanks everybody for your kind comments on Mom’s art. I’ll read them to her when I go visit in a few weeks. She’s able to get the blog on her computer, but not so sure she does the comments.


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