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Cookie Dough: Will She Resist? An Internet Tell All

On the docket:  The baking of  snickerdoodles!

I was determined NOT to eat any of the cookie dough, although if you ask me, cookie dough is ambrosia sent straight to earth.

I happily dumped the butter into the bowl.

You can do it, Barbara!  This is going to be  a No Dough for You Baking Session.

In go the sugar and eggs!

Next comes some cream of tartar. Despite its awkward name, cream of tartar is light and airy and mysterious like some women.  These light, airy, mysterious women don’t woolf down cookie dough.

Vivian, my mother-in-law and a fine baker, told me once that she never ate the dough.

I dumped in the flour using her old scoop. Inspire me, Vivian!

Besides, I need all this dough. The snickerdoodles are for the after-church social hour on the lawn. I’m in charge. Weather is looking good. I want to have enough cookies.

And since I’m baking them for church, I’m baking them for God, so to speak. God probably isn’t popping dough into his/her mouth right now. God is doing more important things and thinking more dignified thoughts.

I’ve made it this far; the cookies are lining  themselves up in the the pan. Don’t break down now, Barbara.  Fight!  Resist those churchly little devils.

This is where the writer betrays her readers.

This is where the photographer misses the action shot.

This is where the blogger disappoints her loyal following.

I’ve blogged about periods, droopy breasts, pelvic floor prolapse, and June Cleaver Envy.

But it’s my little secret if I broke down and ate a few good ole chunks of that delicious snickerdoodle dough.

I will give you one hint, one parting thought.

La vie est courte.

Life is short.

18 thoughts on “Cookie Dough: Will She Resist? An Internet Tell All”

  1. Wait until the majority of the cookies are in the oven and allow yourself to lick the bowl of its dough bits. As a bonus, you could leave a little extra in there. But ’tis not as wise to pop dough in while still making the real product.


  2. Eat away! The cookie dough is way better than the baked cookies! I usually eat so much of the dough, that I don’t want the baked cookies. This is one of those things that won’t make a difference 6 yrs down the road anyway. So eat away and enjoy! No reason to feel guilty.


  3. Haha! The cookie dough is safe as houses from me but the baked snickerdoodles better find a good hiding place b/c I could eat them all. Yum!


  4. I’m not alone? I thought I was the only one who relished in cookie dough goodness. I love chocolate cookie or sugar cookie dough. The crunch of the sugar is so appealing, don’t you think? Of course, I should have known that I wasn’t the only one. After all, there is Ben and Jerry’s “Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough.” But, why whimp out and buy the ice cream? Go straight for the dough! So, kudos to you, Barbara, for digging in and loving it. And I think God will forgive you for shorting the church a few cookies. After all, God wouldn’t have created cookie dough if it wasn’t meant to be eaten. tee hee!

    And yes, Life is Short. Enjoy your cookie dough! The cookies do look wonderful, too. Very nice. Thanks for sharing (confessing) your story.


  5. Barb, I have been know to buy toll house chocolate chip cookie dough and have cut
    chunks out and eaten it like an apple! Life is too short NOT to go for the dough…..
    they were good at LOL too.


    1. Oh fun. Like an apple!!! Remember when it was firmer dough? I don’t like the new spoon it out method. As a kid, I was intrigued how you cut it into fourths and that baked into a perfectly shaped cookie.


    1. What a fun household!

      I can never mix up dough ahead of time that I need for baking cookies to take somewhere. I always eat way too much and end up often having to make more dough (and usually in a rush.)


  6. sadly or not….i am not a cookie dough person but….i LOVE snickerdoodles!! so sorry i missed them on sunday. did you save me any??? 🙂


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