Chocolate! A Love Post and an Announcement of Love

I started researching chocolate and women and hormones, so I could say something intelligent and possibly even useful on the topic.

But then I realized, no matter why we love and crave chocolate, the love is so real that the WHY hardly matters.

Love is love.

Sometimes, you just can’t explain it.

Sometimes, inexplicable love is the sweetest.

How about you?  Are you in love with chocolate? What kind?

PS. I will say that The Great Pause brought on plenty of chocolate cravings, more constant than the cravings from PMS.  They have definitely abated some.  Now I’m just on the Happy Chocolate Lovers Plateau, meaning a day without chocolate is like a day without air.

Photo: My friend Gail bought me the blue squares above for my birthday. I’m partial to milk chocolate. Dove is one of my favorites. Thanks, Gail.

AND speaking of love, Daughter Number Two, Laura, received a beautiful engagement ring yesterday from her wonderful boyfriend, Matt Allen. Mother of the Bride, coming up!

17 thoughts on “Chocolate! A Love Post and an Announcement of Love”

  1. Congratulations, Laura & Matt. And congratulations to the future Mother (and Father) of the Bride! It’ll be fun learning about all the wedding preparation details. And, as to chocolate love, milk chocolate and Lindt are the chosen ones.


  2. Congratulations to you and the happy couple. I know that Matt has been like a part of your family for several years. Dove Milk Chocolate lover here too.


  3. Yes, congrats to Laura and Matt! Thank heavens for chocolate! It is the one thing I don’t think I would ever give up for any reason. Dove Dark Chocolate is my favorite!


  4. yum… Dove chocolate. I never craved sweets at all until I entered peri-menopause. Now, i still don’t crave sugary treats, but chocolate has become one of those ‘must haves’ every day (along with wine!) oh! And what’s better than chocolate and wine together?! And now that both have been deemed healthy for us, well… why not!

    And congrats MOB! Your daughter and fiance look lovely and so happy. I’m looking forward to following along with the wedding plans as they progress. I LOVED my MOB time. It’s certainly something to celebrate… bring on the chocolate and wine!


  5. Congratulations on the wedding news! Very exciting. Laura and Matt are a cute couple. Wedding planning will be fun–I’m sure it will be very nice.

    Dove Chocolate is delicious (and reading the little messages from their ‘Promises’ chocolate is fun), but have you tried Lindor Truffles? For my taste, I think they are a bit better, but both are worthy of enjoying. Hey, chocolate is chocolate when you crave it–even a handful of M&Ms does the trick, too. However, the most delicious and best chocolate I have ever tried is Kirchmayr Chocolate–hands down. I do enjoy white, milk, dark, and 72% cacoa, but I usually reach for the dark first when there is a selection presented. Also, I do agree with other commenters that it is good paired with wine, and there is no place for waxy chocolate.


  6. I am a Dove Dark chocolate girl! Super big congratulations on Laura and Matt! Beautiful couple and a big year for you and Cliff! New grandbaby boy will be toddling at the wedding perhaps!!


  7. I can’t eat chocolate…I know, it used to drive me crazy..but I have gotten used to subbing out to white chocolate, carob, reeses pieces, anything not chocolate. If I eat it, I get that helps the congrats for your daughter.. have a good day.


  8. What a big year for you and so exciting! Congrats. I hear you are off on vacation. Have fun! I love reading Kath’s blog and imagining trips like this with my daughters and their husbands in 10 years or so.


  9. Congratulations to your beautiful daughter and handsome future son in law. Chocolate: another example of God’s love. Dark chocolate is my favorite now. But, I’d never hurt milk chocolate’s feelings, it was my first love.


  10. How amazingly fitting that I happened to click on your blog for a mid-afternoon treat, while enjoying another mid-afternoon treat – M&Ms! And no – not just one bag of M&Ms but TWO – one peanut butter and one peanut. Diet be damned – there’s always tomorrow :-). And congrats to the kids!


  11. I know the higher % of cacao the better for you, but M&Ms can make me happy too. Congratulations on your daughter’s engagement!!! Now to plan a wedding, how fun!!!


    1. Thanks Ann and Silvia, we’re gathered at the beach right now. Lots of wedding talk. LOTS of opinions!


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