The Think Quick Forever Love List: A Game for Menopause and Other Occasions

Think quick!  Name as fast as you can, in random order, ten things you have loved since you were two (or so):

1. Dolls

2. Pretzels

3. My mother and father

4. Peter Rabbit and Tom Kitten

5. Icing (on cakes, cookies, spoons, beaters, and in the middle of an Oreo)

6. Coca-cola

7. Raincoats, umbrellas, and shiny boots

8. The beach (early days spent in Ocean City, Maryland)

9.  Lying flat on my back in green grass

10.  Flannel pajamas and  nightgowns, especially brand new ones

Mine’s not an overly creative or unique list, but I played by the rules and wrote it fast.  And don’t forget, you have to list things you have loved ALL your life, as far back as you can recall.

If you’re sad or angry or confused or if menopause is getting you down, make your list!  Focusing on what you have always loved will remind you that you’re still in the game, loving still, never stopping.

After you make your list, write it on your heart but POST it on your refrigerator and your Facebook page. Give those who love you the chance to bring you a bag of pretzels, a pin for your doll, a photo she took years ago of your dad, or whatever is on your very own Think Quick Forever Love List.

In a group setting, this game makes a fun ice breaker and also works nicely for the beach vacation when conversation is running slow after five days. (Cold beer helps motivate the players.  Substitute fudge if you aren’t a drinker.)  Share your lists and analyze away. Be nice though.

Photos:  The dolls are Kathy (on the left) and Bunny, two favorites from childhood.  Kathy is the naugty one. She’d even sneak my mother’s cigarettes.  Bunny is her sidekick.  The pretzels are brand new. Cliff loves them too. Open a bag and the Pretzel Eating Race is on!

13 thoughts on “The Think Quick Forever Love List: A Game for Menopause and Other Occasions”

  1. Wonderful! I am definitely making my Forever Love List. I can see how this exercise can work to remind us that life is meant to be enjoyed.

    btw… stealing cigarettes, eh? Yup. Those dolls, and their sidekicks, can really get into trouble, can’t they. Very cool picture. And very cool post, Barbara. Thanks!


  2. My family, my pets, horses, running, swinging, climbing trees, reading, writing stories, summer, the pool, walking in the creek, friends. Oops, that’s 12! Thanks for the memories! Hope you are making more at the beach!


  3. What a great idea! I found that when I did my list right when I read your blog I also had some strange things pop up – like Hellman’s mayonnaise. And Buttons – my very first dog who I will love forever. But I find that one day later my list is very different – more thoughtful I guess. It might not be following the rules but I think I will do this annually and save each list and compare.


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