A Pause from the Pause to Celebrate Art

Let’s take a break from thinking about  menopause and midlife to admire these stunning cameos sculpted in the creamy frosting of an Oreo.

I first discovered the icing cameos of Judith G. Klausner when they were featured in the February issue of O Magazine. Each design takes Ms. Klausner six hours. The artist’s tools are toothpicks and pins.

 You can see more of these lovely cameo ladies on the art blog, Beautiful/Decay. 

And I thought a plain old Oreo was a work of art all by itself.  But this takes one of the world’s finest cookies to a whole new level.

9 thoughts on “A Pause from the Pause to Celebrate Art”

  1. Would it be a blasphemy to suggest that reading your post made me think of oreo smoothies…? I’m sorry… They look so yummy though (but I appreciate the art, of course!).


    1. Clever thinking, but yes, I suspect blasphemy. I adore marshmallow Peeps and get quite upset when people blow them up in the microwave. Smoothies out of cameo Oreos seems equally cruel, and I would think especially so to the artist.


      1. No disrespect to the artist meant! It’s just I used to love Oreo smoothies… thanks for the posting those pics 🙂


  2. I never saw these in O. Amazing! Just wish I had time like that to do something that creative. Instead I will simply stick to what I do best – eating Oreos!


  3. I’ve decided to get toothpicks and a bag of Oreos for a winter project the next time we have house guests!


    1. For fun, Barbara, get some of the special mint-flavored (and green colored stuffing) that come out in the winter for your fun houseguest project!


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