The Estroven Good Sleep Challenge


The nightgown above was mine!  My mom saved it all these years.

And when I wore it, I bet anything I slept tight all night long. I used to pile the bed high with my dolls and animals, and go sailing off to dreamland.

And remember how we slept as teenagers!  Now that’s what I call SLEEPING.

Even in my early married years, I could sleep and so could Cliff.  Once, when we had a house guest, we slept until noon. She was up much earlier than we were, and I’m realizing now how rude that was  (Sorry, Evelyn).

But when perimenopause inched my way, I started to wake up in the middle of the night. I finally figured out I might as well just get up. I did projects like cleaning out toy boxes or writing Christmas cards.  But it sure was cold in this old house on some of those Christmas card nights. After about two hours, I could finally fall asleep again.

Middle of the night waking changed to something I find even more annoying:  early morning waking. The rooster in my brain goes off, and cock-a-doodle-do, I’m awake without a farmer’s prayer of going back to sleep again. My mind spins like the whirligig on my back porch. I throw off the covers and give up. And then I get up.

So many women have trouble sleeping, thanks to the hormonal issues of perimenopause and menopause. Mine has improved some since The Great Pause set in, but I do still have issues with early morning waking.

A few months ago, Estroven approached me, inviting me to participate as a blogger in their Good Sleep Challenge. I’ll be taking Estroven Nightime and blogging about my experience on the Estroven site. Estroven is inviting others to sign up for the challenge.  Check it out here (and find a great coupon)!!

To thank me for participating, Estroven is sending me to BlogHer 2012 in NYC in August.  I hope to meet up with other menopause/midlife bloggers there as well as gather up tips to improve my blog.  Let me know if you’re planning on attending!

Back to sleeping troubles. What about you?  Do you sleep like a little girl or have the winds of menopause blown the sandman far, far away?

Photo: The nightgown belonged to me, but the Mary Had a Little Lamb clothes hanger brightened my mom’s closet in the 1920’s.

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  1. Those flannels look so cozy! I tried re-living my flannel nightie days when I couldn’t sleep during perimenopause but then the night sweats started, so good-bye flannels.

    So, yes, Mr. Sandman vacated my abode years ago and hasn’t been seen since. I used to wake up in the middle of the night, get up, do something, go back to bed just in time to catch a few ZZZs before the alarm went off. Now it’s more like the just-before-dawn waking up thing. When I wake up early now, I figure I slept pretty good if it’s light out instead of dark. That’s what I use to gauge if I had a good night’s sleep. And working at home now allows me to roll over and try to go back to sleep for a while. My Hubby works until about 8 or 9 pm, so in order to have any kind of life at all I have to stay up late. That means I really have to sleep late so I can stay up late. Working at home has been a life saver for me in that aspect.

    Anyway, yes. I sleep in shifts. From about midnight to 4 or 5, then maybe if I’m lucky, again from about 7 to 9. I’m not at all sure it’s healthy to sleep in shifts like that, but I think it’s better than before when I had those horrid night sweats and hardly slept at all.

    I’ll be interested to read what you find out about Estroven. Keep us posted. And have a splendid time at BlogHer! I’ll be watching for updates. 😀

  2. those menopausal wind blow all night. But last night was strange.I haven’t been bleeding for months and havint had a regular period for several months. But last night I had a very sustinct symptom that I was going to have a period. Back when I had monthly cycles, I could tell It was coming because the night before, I would get restless really bad and not be able to sleep and I would get restless legs. That happened last night and it took me a minute to remember what that meant since it had been so long. But I thought I was going to have a period this morning.

  3. Good luck with the Estroven trial. Hope it helps. I’ve come to terms with my erratic sleeping (or not sleeping) but I feel nostalgic about going to bed and sleeping tight; those were good nights!

  4. The colder the better. I had the window open with the heat on. Now that we’re in ac season, I kick off the covers. I tried HRT for awhile and stopped. Just change nightgowns and sheets —- a lot.
    And Barbara, when will you be in NYC? I hope we can meet up!!! I’m an easy 30 minute train ride. I’ll be insulted if we don’t meet!!!

  5. It is 2:55 a.m and I’m reading this so yes I do have sleep issues. Seems that every morning I wake around 2 to go to the bathroom and never go back to sleep. I’ll be following your thoughts on Estroven.

    • A middle of the night reader! I think the Internet is pretty fun in the middle of the night unless you find bad news in your email.

  6. I’m still in the land of good sleep–except when my husband’s away and I have to listen for the old dog (usually hubby’s responsibility) so the dog doesn’t have a potty accident in the middle of the night. When hubby’s home, I never hear the dog wandering around, toenails clicking on the kitchen floor at Oh dark thirty. But when hubby’s gone, my hearing becomes more acute. Not only do I have to get up at 4:30 to let the dog out, but then it’s harder to get back to sleep because the dog will bark for his breakfast in another hour. Argh!

  7. I had the good fortune of being the third child–I was dragged around to all my siblings ball games, music lessons, scout events, and late night horse shows. As a consequence, when I am tired, I can fall asleep anywhere quickly, and “recharge” myself with a 15 minute nap. Never bothered me getting interrupted sleep getting up with our 3 kids. Menopausal hot flash waking up? I just got up and surfed the internet, cleaned the kitchen, or read a good book. However, I have had a shoulder injury that has interrupted my sleep for the past 6 months. This is altogether different. At best, I can only sleep 6 hours at a time, in one position, without waking in pain. Weekly PT and exercises are helping, but all I can say is “getting old ain’t for sissies.”

  8. Barbara – I’ll be at BlogHer and looking forward to it! Hope to meet you there as well as any other midlife/boomer bloggers. Also, really interested in your Estroven trial. Best wishes with that experience.

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