Reunion!  Guess who has one coming up?


That’s me on the top left looking rather glum. Wonder why I didn’t smile? The twins next to me were jocks. The boy underneath me died shortly after graduation in a car accident.  Andrea Klimt is a grandniece to Gustav Klimt, the artist.

I haven’t been to any reunions since my fifth. I’m psyched. My mind is turning with memories as I turn the pages of the Towson High Year Book.

But what’s freaking me out a bit is that when I think of the people I’ll see on July 12, it’s like I’m not forty years older.  Instead, we’re all still back in high school. I’m amazed at how sharp some of the memories are. The funny stuff.  The hurtful stuff. The exciting stuff. The touching stuff.

So who’s been to a reunion recently?

Did you feel like you were still in high school when you walked through the reunion door, or did you feel like a regular old adult?

And if we do feel ALL grown up,  is that how we want to feel?

Towson High School is in Towson, Maryland, a Baltimore suburb.  Famous grads include Jean Marie Donnell, who played Gidget’s mother in some of the Gidget movies; Sunny Griffin, model and actress;  Olympian Michael Phelps; and poet Mary Jo Salter, who graduated with me.

12 thoughts on “Reunion!”

  1. Good for you! I haven’t been to any high school or college reunions but mostly because of facebook, have been more in touch with high school friends– so maybe I’ll go to my 40th- coming in another year. Have fun!


  2. I went three times. At the tenth reunion the same cliques were active and I felt thrust back unwillingly into my high school self. At the 25th I noticed a big difference. Those who shone in high school didn’t necessarily shine anymore. Some who weren’t very popular in high school looked fabulous or had wonderful careers. I felt like an adult and didn’t let those high school feelings get me down. The 30 year reunion was very democratic; the cliques were dead finally! Whatever you find at your reunion, I hope you have a good time.


    1. The clique stuff is so interesting. I still feel bad that I couldn’t sing in the musicals (The cool, arty kids all did.) Forty years and my voice hasn’t improved, either!


  3. how exciting! i have been to a few and they were a blast. i was very nervous beforehand but once there it was fine. the same old dynamics return. as susan said, it gets better each time but amazing how old dynamics die so slowly. have fun!! can’t wait to hear about it.


    1. Thanks! I plan to study the yearbook to at least familiarize myself with some names and faces (even though names (for the girls) and faces will have changed (some.)


  4. I went to my 20th reunion, years ago. The dynamics were all the same. No one went past their cliques and those that were friends, remain friends. I missed my 25th, but now I am thinking that I may go to my 30th. It will be nice to see how attitudes change after people get into “full” adulthood.


  5. I must confess that I have never attended any reunion – high school or college. My high school has lost touch with me, and all my college ever does is ask me for money. But the reality is that I never made a great deal of friends at either. In high school my parents moved me around and in college I worked 3 jobs while going full time and married before my senior year. I feel like I have missed something, though, by not going. Interestingly, as Lisa above can attest, studies suggest reunions will slowly become a thing of the past due, in large measure, to social networking sites. In the olden days reunions were great for catching up with people you haven’t seen in years. Now you can see them every day on Facebook!


  6. I just found out my 40th high school reunion is this fall……at a Harley Davidson bar/resturant!
    Now that is something different. One of my classmates owns it. Question, what are your thoughts on taking a spouse? I know the first couple reunions you take the spouse to show them off.
    But at the 40th year, no one wants to go to someone’s reunion.


    1. I say no spouse. Dull for them and you can relax more if you go alone. One of my biggest pet peeves is reunions where the music is so loud you have to shout to talk to people. Just never can get why they blast music when you go to reconnect with others.


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