Old Mother Hubbard and Her Creaky Bones

Do you ever feel like Old Mother Hubbard, creaking around on tired people bones, especially in the morning?

I told my doctor that I felt creaky. She tested me for Vitamin D deficiency, and despite the fact that I get sunshine, I came out quite low in Vitamin D.

I was amazed at how the creakiness improved when I started taking the D.  It’s fun to take too, as the pills are so dainty. They’re the kind of pills the Princess and the Pea would appreciate.  (Since she was so sensitive that she hated sleeping on a pea despite a stack of mattresses, I figure she wouldn’t be real happy swallowing giant pills like the calcium capsules I also take.)

Back to Mother Hubbard, who like me, has much older bones than the Princess does. What else might help her creaky bones?  Yoga they say, is good for creakiness.  Swimming?  Walking her dog at a brisk pace?  Massage? (which she probably can’t afford since her cupboard is bare.)

Any other suggestions? Any bone creakers out there?

Photo:  My old book, dated 1916, is filled with poems called “Mother Hubbard Melodies.”  Talk about weird rhymes for kids! Here’ s one we could recite to the hormone goblin:

With bull rush for dagger

And lath for a spear,

We’ll frighten the goblin,

And kill it with fear.

18 thoughts on “Old Mother Hubbard and Her Creaky Bones”

  1. Yoga definitely helps! When you are flexible, it is just easier to move and your bones don’t creak and hurt as much. It is just so hard to do all those movement activies that might help if you hurt when you do them. I have heard others say Vitamin D helps. And I had the beginnings of arthritis which went completely away and has never returned in the 19 years since I became a vegetarian.

  2. YES! Just flew in from NYC and are my arms tired! bu-dum-bump

    But, seriously, all the walking, then we biked Central Park and YIKES! My legs and knees are suffering. This is our fourth year there and, granted we didn’t bike Central Park before, but still… I never suffered like this before. I’m taking 2 ibuprofen 3x a day for a couple days just to get back to ‘normal.’ Oh, and I caught a nasty cold. So, yeah, this getting creaky crap has me down.

    I have to get tested for Vitamin D, too. I just keep putting it off. My daughter was tested last year and was WAY down, like almost non-existent. The doc started her on mega doses (if I remember right like 50000 iu a day) for a short time. I figure if she is down, I am down. I take my calcium with D but it’s probably not near enough.

    Now here’s the funny thing… we live in Florida. You know, the Sunshine State? So you would think I’d get enough. BUT… our Vitamin D levels actually drop off during the summer months and increase during the winter months (exactly opposite of the rest of the country.) That’s because we are inside during the summer because it’s too dang hot outside OR we are at the beach slathered in sunscreen stuff. So, no Vitamin D for us! In the winter we tend to go outside a bit more and I’ll actually sit out at home for a while in the sun, without sunscreen on my legs, to absorb some Vitamin D. But I’m very fair skinned and have a history of melanoma and other skin cancers in my family so I keep my skin exposure to no more than 15 to 20 minutes. Then I scurry inside away from the sun. Now, 15 to 20 minutes SHOULD be enough to make Vitamin D, but maybe not for me. But, I can’t expose my skin more than that or my dermatologist would have me by the throat. 😉

    Anyway, that’s my story. I need to just get tested and be done with it!

    And, back to creaky. I know Vitamin D, or the lack of it, affects many areas of health. So, you just gave me a kick in the butt to go get tested. Thanks for that!

    Hope you’re feeling less creaky soon!

    1. Fun you were in NYC!!! Let me know if the D works. (My calcium with D wasn’t enough.Doc put me on a much higher dose.)

  3. Charming post! This old Ms. Hubbard has trouble with over-tight muscles as well as those creaky bones. I also have an old fairy tale story book and was amazed at how violent they are!

    1. Yep. I remember a college prof telling us that in the original Red Riding Hood, she was raped. Yikes!

  4. creaky bones have crept in to my life also…… there is mixed review now on benefits of vitamin d and calcium. everyone should do their research. i know people won’t agree with this but i personally think it is another “hot” vitamin docs and pharmaceutical companies are pushing. like vitamin E used to be and then the negative reports came out. just my opinion.

  5. I am getting very tired of my creaks. They are embarrassing when I go to the gym (good thing so few others are there at 6am). I am only 56 for heaven’s sake – I need my joints to work for another 30+ years! I do not want to end up being the bionic woman with plastic or metal joints everywhere – just think of the hassles with TSA! When you figure out a cure, I want to become a shareholder!

  6. We all used to wonder why in the world our mother would get up at 5am. She’d go in the living room
    or porch with one of her “smokes,” cup of coffee, the newspaper, and by 7am would be banging pots and pans in the kitchen. Now that I have “become” my mother (minus the cigarettes), I now know that she woke up with the “creaks” and needed an hour or so to get going. It was her high energy time of the day, and by the time she went to work at 9am, she had done the laundry, emptied the trash, cleaned the kitchen, gotten a start on supper, plus God only knows what else.

    1. Love this story of your mom. I sometimes get a second wind, but I find it discouraging how I wear down as the day goes on.

  7. Can I ask how much Vitamin D you are taking? I am very low too and my doctor prescribed the 50000 mg capsules that I needed an RX for. I looked it up on the internet (I’m like that) and I read some reviews from people that had bad side effects when taking that high a dose so I never took it. I don’t “creak” and I have no symptoms of low Vitamin D that I know of. They just tested me becauase I have slight osteoparosis (sp) and wanted to see if I could absorb the calcium.

    1. I usually take 4,000 I. U’s. Mine are Spring Valley, which I get at Walmart. Not fancy! I do wonder if some of the Vitamin D stuff is hype. I suppose time and more studies will tell. I can see without symptoms, why you are hesitant.

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