Menopausal Clumsiness

When I was in the midst of Menopausal Madness, there were days when I felt truly clumsy.

Cliff was especially unhappy when I went down in a split second on the cobblestones near Boston’s Quincy Market. Granted cobblestones do add to klutziness, but he kept saying, “I just don’t know what made you go over so fast.”

I do!  Menopause! (We need to change the words to “Blame It on the Ritz” to “Blame It on the Pause.”)

My friend Gail thinks balance plays a part of it, and also that we get more absentminded, contributing to klutziness. I’ll throw in that the confusion and weirdness of menopausal hormones can rattle you so much that you lose concentration, creating clumsiness.

Not that I’m deep into the Great Pause, that super klutzy/clumsy feeling has passed. So if you’re in the middle of the menopause roller coaster, take heart!  (And be extra careful!)

Photo:  The lovely un-klutzy lady above is the Yellow Ballerina, painted by Edgar Degas.  Below is Degas’s The Star. You can bet she won’t trip!

Book Winner: Congrats to Stacie of Snaps and Bits for winning Lisa Kline’s book, Summer of the Wolves!

14 thoughts on “Menopausal Clumsiness”

  1. I’ve always had days when I was more clumsy than others; I never stopped to think whether it was menopause-related. But I can attest that my absentmindedness has soared with menopause. Yesterday I went to the store to buy paint and a home fire alarm and forgot the fire alarm! Pathetic! I’m post menopause so doubt I’m going to get any better.


  2. I’m so thrilled to win the book for my niece, who is an avid reader! Thank you! I’m still peri and the balance so far I think is ok (although I did break my foot falling down a step in March…hmmm…)


    1. Be careful! I bet soon you’ll be dancing Swan Lake. Or maybe synchronized swimming like your gravatar(is that what they are called?)


  3. I think clumsiness creeps up on you. I have a friend (a former high school cheerleader) who does the splits every morning just so that she won’t lose the skill. You don’t know how much you’ve lost until you try…a grande plie in first position. Even holding onto the bookcase (and trying not to pull it over on top of you), a grande plie is a 60-year-old’s moment of humility. Remember when we could do those in the center of the floor?


    1. Nope, I’ve never had your grace, so no grande plie. But I do think your friend is right to just keep on doing the splits. I wonder if a moment/day will come when she can’t. Hope not!


  4. I struggle with this, it feels like I’m slightly dizzy and then I lose my balance for a second. I do practice yoga twice a week and that does really help. In my case I think there is an absentmindness factor.


    1. The dizzy stuff is scary. I remember aunts years ago having what they called “dizzy spells.” Now that’s us!


  5. I still swear by the simple little ‘step stool’ exercise I talked about in a comment I wrote on your post about balance here:

    Not only is it improving my balance, but it is strengthening my knees and legs. I do it faithfully in front of the television as I watch a cooking show I love. I was on vacation for a couple weeks this month so missed out. When I got back, I started up and I noticed the wobbly feeling was back. After just a few days I can tell I’m feeling more confident, more balanced, again. It works, thank heavens.

    And even so, I am super careful about where and how I walk. Flat shoes are my friend. I love the look of high heels but they are not worth the chance of falling and sporting a cast for months… or worse. So, yeah, ladies… be careful and build that balance any way you possibly can!

    Thanks again, Barbara, for this great topic!


    1. Patti, Thanks! I’m being more careful how I walk too. Was just with my 88 year old mother who sure doesn’t seem like she is being careful at all. Grrrr. Worries me!


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