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A Blast from Your Menstruation Past

And now, for your viewing pleasure, a film you may have seen many years ago:

This film, produced by Disney in 1946 and underwritten by Kotex, was shown in elementary schools into the sixties.  Listen again to hear all about that nasty lining and what it does. Also hear about the marvels of a girl becoming a woman.

Way cool, Walt Disney.  Actually, it kind of makes me sad that you knew about periods though. I like to think you were as pure as your friend Snow White.

And how about you Friend for the Ride readers. Did you see this movie, or another one, when you were in fifth or sixth grade?  Do tell!

22 thoughts on “A Blast from Your Menstruation Past”

  1. Yes! The girls were herded into the science classroom, the door was blocked out with paper, who knows where the boys were and we saw the film! That and a few pamphlets were all I ever received about sex education outside of talking to friends! Don’t miss those days!

    1. I would love to know what was in the boy’s film! Our was a more proper time and not sure any of the boys told. But maybe they just played dodge ball while we saw ours?

  2. That’s a new one on me! I didn’t mind it. We were subjected to “Growing Up and Liking It” during a girl scout meeting. After seeing that movie I had strong doubts about both!

  3. We definitely watched a film in 6th grade and got that exact book! It must have been the same film, but I don’t remember anything about it. My high school sweetie still had the book the boys got in 6th grade. Now THAT had some interesting topics!!

  4. Never saw that one. Although narrated by a woman, the script sounds like it was written by a man. Wouldn’t you have loved to have seen the face of the Disney guy who was given THAT assignment in the mid 40’s! All that talk about “control” and “regularity” is like WWII military talk. We’ve “come a long way baby” from having a “little less pep” during “those days” of a “girl’s” period to PMS. And it sure zipped through the “some eggs are fertilized and some are not” section. All that aside, it did treat it as a natural process, and advocated exercise, as well as cleanliness. Fun video, Barbara!

    1. Ha! I never thought about the fact that men in the forties would mostly likely have done a lot of the production work.

  5. Although, I was not subjected to this one, it can still be used to introduce the concept. I laughed at many of the examples, more like “yeah, right!” The basics are there, but a lot of blanks have been left unfilled. Very surprised that Disney would take that one on!

  6. Don’t know if I saw this one in school, but I do know that in the 5th grade all the girls were taken to the cafeteria to watch a movie. One minute I was sitting up and watching, and the next I was under the table. I fainted! Apparently the content of the movie was just a little too shocking for my 10 year old self to handle!

    1. Sweet. Poor ten year old you. I waited until I got real cramps and fainted then. First day of twelfth grade.

  7. Great fun! I’m also a bit surprised Disney would have taken this on… and actually say the word ‘vagina.’ Too funny. 😉

    I don’t recall this movie. I myself ordered a booklet (I think it was ‘Personally Yours’) from Kotex and got the whole KIT with the pad and fastener (what was that thing called again?) That was after the older girls in school were talking about “It” and I had to find out more. I think I was in 5th grade. I was always intrigued by the whole “eat an apple, don’t catch cold, and don’t take a too hot or too cold shower” advice. Oh, yeah, and in my booklet it showed a girl brushing her hair and wearing a hair ribbon. All very strange, and yes, a long long way from PMS. I also laughed at the “little less pep” thing. As I recall, my older sister (who was already “Growing Up And Liking It,” apparently) threw a perfume bottle against the wall during one of “those days.” HA!

    So, thank you, Barbara, for giving us this great film. Even though some of it is very laughable (especially the “those days” and “less pep” parts) I find the illustration of the actual biological process very informative. I’m actually going to recommend this to my daughter for my granddaughter who will be 11 soon. She can fill in the blanks that Disney skimmed over – you know the fertilize the egg thing. 😉

    Thanks again!

    1. I got the kit! And it was called a “Sanitary belt.” I remember how those things would dig in if the little metal clip got squished around.

  8. What a fun video!! I found it interesting that showers and exercise were once taboo – the older women would be horrified by those who run marathons on their periods! And also the tips on not slouching being well groomed seemed to date the film the most.

    1. Years ago (before this time, I think) some people believed that a filling put in during your period would fall out again. Have no clue where that came from.

  9. Too funny Disney, all I remember about our class was the pads with the belts! I was 27 before I fully understood my period so anytime menstruation comes up I have to recommend the book Taking Charge of Your Fertility by Toni Weschler, so enlightening!

  10. Disney still makes them. My school has a one from the early 90s which I have the …pleasure (???) of team teaching with other science teachers and support services. Nothing beats one of the male teachers asking us who had a tampon because the boys wanted to know what one looks like.

    1. Jen, Not sure how, but your fun comment landed in spam. I’m so sorry I just found it now. I can just see a male teacher asking that! Interesting to know Mr. Disney’s crew is still in the period education business.

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