Another Menstruation Movie! Meet Nurse Jansen!

Since ya’ll liked the last menstruation film, here’s another one.

Meet brave Nurse Jansen, who speaks confidently of sperm, hair in LOTs of places, and tampons.

Watch melancholy Molly, a a girl named Barbara!!, and the other girls in the sad-looking class as they voice their questions.

Hear the nurse’s stern warnings about skating, volleyball, basketball, or square dancing during menstruation.

See the real things: a sanitary belt, pads, and tampons. Move over Walt Disney (maker of the last film), here comes a stronger dose of reality.

Anybody remember this film?  Any thoughts on the date?  My guess is late 1950’s, but I didn’t know tampons were accepted for use by younger women then.

14 thoughts on “Another Menstruation Movie! Meet Nurse Jansen!”

  1. I never saw this but I was born in the early 60s so maybe it was already in the archives when I was 10. Dancing in moderation! No horseback riding! Waiting for a few days to swim! This was totally funny. Nurse Jansen did the dead pan bit really well 😉


  2. Thanks for sharing! The film made me curious so I looked up the film’s date (1953) and also when tampons were invented (1929). I liked that the nurse was straightforward. But it was sad to think of all those girls who missed out on fun activities b/c of old wives’ tales. Advice must have changed quickly b/c by the 60s it certainly didn’t get me out of gym class. ; (


      1. Yep. Sure do! Showers in general to me were silly in gym as I don’t recall putting much effort into it or sweating that much!


  3. Meet Nurse Jansen – rogue nurse running loose through the school system talking about menstruation.

    Imagine the next day when the regular teacher comes back and hears about what the substitute teacher was up to. “Ah… Nurse Jansen? What have you done to my Glee Club? They seem stunned. I clearly had my curriculum laid out for the day and it did NOT include THIS.”

    Barbara’s mother’s cycle starts on Tuesday? Every Tuesday? Funny, Molly’s mother’s cycle starts on Monday. Every Monday. Molly knows this because every Monday she hears her mom say to her dad “The weekend’s over, Bub. And I have my period, so back off.”

    And I hate to break it to you, Molly, but people can tell when you’re menstruating. It’s called PMS. You can wash and QUICKLY dry your hair, do your nails, wear all the deodorant you want, and plan to wear your prettiest dress, but when your period comes, you will NOT “be your most attractive self.”

    Do I really have to change your underwear more often, because a fresh pair of underwear in the morning just isn’t enough??

    I’m glad Nurse Jansen gave us the go ahead to picnic. I was worried.

    But, I’m a little disappointed that I’ll have to curtail, or at least moderate, my square dancing a bit. It will be tough when I can’t promenade my partner with the same gusto.

    Um… Nurse Jansen, could you go back to that “unites with a male cell, or sperm” part?

    Barbara, you made my day! Thanks!


    1. I got a kick out of Barbara’s mother’s cycle too! I bet she had a perfect house and her spices were alphabetized (which I suppose, is actually a pretty good idea.)


  4. I don’t remember this one. They are all so serious!! Boy i hated those belts!!
    My guess is the 50’s too just by the outfits. Moderate exercise….none of these warnings today. Thank heavens. I sure used the excuse to get out of gym class though!


    1. Yes. I remember my mom even wrote me a note the first time I had my period. Go mom! (Not that it was necessary!)


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