A Menopause Blogger Goes to BlogHer12


Thanks to my brilliant agent Erzsi Deak of Hen and Ink Literary Studio, who told me if I wanted to write a book about menopause, I needed an online presence.

Thanks to my blogging daughters Kath and Laura, who have provided hours of techno support.

Thanks to Estroven and the Good Sleep Challenge for sending me to BlogHer12.

Love New York!  On my first walk, I found this lovely lady. I think she’s going through menopause, and she’s smart enough to take her head off until she’s finished.

Next, I found this fun shop. I debated, but then decided carpe diem, seize yourself some mini pies!

The pies weren’t as delicious as the shop was darling, but it sure was fun picking them out.

Next, I debated getting Cliff a NYC tie, but he doesn’t always like me to pick out his clothes.  Still, I thought one might be nice for Laura’s upcoming wedding:

I was delighted that Lisa Winkler was in NYC with family. She was kind enough to come to the hotel to meet me. Blog friends already. Instant in-person friends:

Lisa and I had fancy drinks. Yum!

I said goodbye to Lisa and headed over to the conference expo hall. I met Valerie at the Land O’Lakes booth. She reads Kath and Laura’s blog AND her mom reads mine!  Valerie’s mom, you’ve raised a lovely daughter.

Headed back out to the Hilton, the conference hotel, to check out the parties. (We’re all staying at the Shertaon.)  We menopausal types need to show the younger bloggers that we know how to party.

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  1. I’ve heard about this conference….very good that you’re there. Lots of great contacts that will translate into lots of fans and book buyers!!

    • Thanks! The music was so loud at the parties, I had trouble networking. I think I’d do better at an old foggie (sp?) tea party!

    • Thanks! Keep that head on for Carolina. I get Madi some free books. Must read them first but will get them to her before real, real long.

    • Yes. She seems so happy there in the middle of all the hubbub, and quite confident of her body. She has two sisters on the next corner.

  2. Barb- remember , Ms. Liberty survived the pause many years ago! And she is the queen
    of the city. have fun. I say get the tie, Cliff needs to be appreciative of your thinking of him.

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