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If Measure I Must…

A poem, written by me, inspired by my old measuring cup:

It’s the measuring cup’s job

To measure, not mine,

But if measure I must,

May it be with a

Good measure of love.

I find there’s a laidbackness (sorry for a word that’s not all the way a word) that comes, in some ways, with menopause.

As I grow older, I’m becoming less judgmental.

Perhaps because I’m more aware of my own failings.

Or perhaps because time is picking up speed, making me want to spend less time picking at people.

Or maybe it’s because as we age, we are better able to see life from other angles.

Lots of angles, because part of humanity’s great charm (at least some of the time) is the diversity of opinions, personalities, and lifestyles.

What about you?  Do you find yourself more or less judgmental than you were in your youth?

Photo: The measuring cup above has a hard time in my kitchen. The shiny, newer measuring cups poke fun. I hope they will work on measuring with cupfulls of love. The cup is perched on an old apron, circa 1940.

Winners!  Congrats to Lisa and Carol, who are the Replens giveaway winners!

5 thoughts on “If Measure I Must…”

  1. Lovely metaphor. I’m trying to be more tolerant and less stressed about little things.
    Btw, my grandmother Rose never measured when she baked! And she was judgmental for sure!


  2. I have a recipe from my German great grandmother that includes “butter the size of an egg”. I am much happier with measuring cups but I have to say I often wing it.

    Love this post! I think I have realized that life is so short and all of us have our quirky attitudes and behaviors. So why judge. We need to spend our time building people up and not diminishing them.


  3. Love the poem! After 37+ years of K-12 and grad school teaching and assessing, it’s hard not to “measure” just about everything! There’s a big difference between measuring and judging. I’ll keep the “good measure of love” in mind to remind myself to notice strengths instead of weaknesses and to count blessings instead of complaining.


  4. I am far less judgemental to be sure. I think it is because as I have gotten older I have experienced more – seen more of both sides of the coin – understand how events and circumstances can influence why and how people do things. I still, though, have little tolerance for people with closed minds and attitudes, and perhaps have become even more cynical of those who have no room in their hearts and minds for diversity and appreciation for people who “aren’t like them.” I’m not sure if that’s being judgemental though.

    Wonderful poem – and post!


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