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Thirty-five Years!

Wow. Thirty-five years. That’s a long time!

If someone asked me the secret to a long and happy marriage, being one who likes to give advice, I suppose I could expound a bit.

But I think the real key is to celebrate everything you can from the baby’s brilliant first word to the first spring night when it’s warm enough to eat supper on the porch.

Oh and start off eating cake with buttercream frosting and keep buttercream on the permanent to-do list.

Happy celebration of everything good and happy in our lives and yours!

Photos:  Cliff and I were married on August 20, 1977 at Divinity Lutheran Church in Towson, Maryland, followed by a garden reception at my home. The figures on the cake were also on my mom and dad’s cake. My girls turned them down. Too old-fashioned.

Laura, who is wedding dress shopping, did consider wearing my dress, which pleased me. She’s decided  there are some other styles she prefers though. She wants a dress to change into for the dancing and suggested we cut mine off for her to wear then. I said no. My friends Gail and Judy say yes. Opinions?

The photo at the top was taken by Katherine in her living room two Thanksgivings ago.

26 thoughts on “Thirty-five Years!”

  1. Congratulations! Lovely photos.
    I wore my aunt’s dress as did one of her daughters and one of her granddaughters.
    It was remodeled each time but not cut. Too bad Laure won’t wear it. Nice that you still have the dress, someone will wear it!


  2. Lovely pictures. I vote not on cutting your wedding dress b/c someday you may have a granddaughter who will want to wear it to her own wedding. Wouldn’t that be sweet?


  3. Oh, and congratulations on 35 years together building a wonderful life together and producing two gorgeous and talented girls!!


  4. Congratulations, 35 years, wow! I wore my Mom’s dress and then changed into a party dress later. You should do what feels right to you. It might be fun to see her dancing in your dress but if your gut reaction was to say “no,” then you probably shouldn’t have it cut off.


  5. Congratulations! Both beautiful pictures. I love the advice, too. Celebrate! And many wishes for 35 more wonderful years.

    As to the dress, a resounding NO – do not cut it off. I would go so far as to say your daughter shouldn’t change her dress at all. I may be old fashioned (may be!?) but I LOVE seeing a bride dancing in her wedding dress. I LOVE it when all the formality is over and the bride hikes up her dress and kicks up her heals. It’s cute – refreshing – young – adorable – and gives everyone at the reception the green light to have fun. I’ve seen brides on the beach in all their formal glory. I’ve seen brides marching through the streets of the French Quarter, leading the band, again, in all their formal glory. When the church part is over, it’s time the formal wedding dress goes from proper to party! Most dresses have some sort of ‘hitching’ device (buttons) to pull up the train if there is one that’s not removable. That’s my opinion, and you know what they say about opinions… but since you asked… 😉

    Again, Happy Anniversary and many more!


  6. A day early!!! But Happy Anniversary!

    I say about the dress: if she wants to cut it, then you KNOW it will be used 100%. The probability that a granddaughter wants to wear it is probably less than 5%. I say carpe diem and use things when the opportunity comes up. Maybe a granddaughter would want to wear her grandmother’s wedding dress that her mother wore as a party dress at her wedding to her senior prom?


  7. Congratulations on 35 years! I’m in the “cut it” camp for the same reason Kath is. Too many maybes for this theoretical granddaughter. I understand why Laura wants the excitement of picking her own dress for the big day, and it’s great that she wants to honor Mom by wearing hers (albeit altered), too.


  8. Congratulations. What a great milestone–and I agree with the “enjoy things together” advice. And for whatever it’s worth, I would let your daughter cut it and wear it. Come on, what good is it hanging in your closet?? 🙂


  9. Well, you know i am in the “cut it” camp. If your daughters don’t want to wear it I highly doubt your granddaughter will. And how fun would it be to see it modernized a bit by being shortened and then watching your beautiful daughter dance the night away on her wedding night.

    Happy Anniversary to one of my favorite couples!


  10. Happiest of Anniversary wishes to a very Happy Couple!

    Sounds like it will make Laura happy to wear her Mom’s “modified” wedding dress to the reception. I know she will look beautiful in it and won’t it just warm your heart and make you smile to see her dancing and celebrating in the dress(be it somewhat shorter) that you wore some 35 years earlier? Happy Celebrating!


  11. Happy Anniversary! Wow! Thirty-five years is a long time! Even though I said it would be good to let Laura cut it off to wear for dancing and celebrating, I am sure she would love to pick out her own party dress. So keep it and everyone will be happy! And maybe future granddaughters can either wear it for their wedding, or have fun playing here comes the bride in it.


  12. Thirty-five years! It seems like just yesterday that I was at your house a few days before your wedding, waiting with you for the chocolate brown “Delivery of Baltimore” truck to arrive! Congratulations on your Coral (traditional)/Jade (modern) Anniversary!


  13. I’m torn on the cut it or not decision. My gut says don’t cut it, just because it’s so final. However, I do agree with the poster above about having just one wedding dress. It’s always so much fun to watch the bride dance and party in the more formal wedding attire. Plus, it’s the one day you get to wear such finery. I say, wear it as long as possible! There will be so many other days for less formal party dresses!


  14. Happy Anniversary. You are 11 years ahead of me. My dress is boxed up neatly in my closet and both my girls (now ages 19 and 16) say it is way too 80’s looking for them ever to wear. Makes me sad but maybe they’ll change their minds or I could think about cutting it. I’m not completely sure how I feel about that though.


  15. One of the things we women do is try to please everyone…YOU do what YOU want to do about the dress. Your first gut feeling is very often the true one. It is a very pretty dress and who knows who may want to wear it one day; a niece or great grand daughter-in-law! Some girls love the idea of a family dress and others not so much. If you
    cut it, there is not way to go back. Congrats on the many years.


  16. Thanks to all of you for your good wishes on our anniversary! And thanks for your advice about the dress. I’m not going to cut it though. Too sad. I’m actually thinking of wearing it this Halloween–that is if I can make it zip,which I have a feeling I can’t. Too much butter cream!


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