Baby Blue Countdown


Although the official due date is August 31, I figure my first grandchild, a boy, might  want to come into the world a little early.

That got me wondering: Is this grandma ready?

I bought him my favorite Mother Goose book, with a note to his mother that there WILL BE  a quiz in three years.

I purchased a brand new bed for his visits here. A pack and play that meets all the safety standards, unlike the antique  bassinet in my upstairs hall or the port-a-crib saved all these years in the attic.

I have recounted to Katherine the story of her birth as often as I think she will listen. She recently found an article on the similarities in childbearing experiences of mothers and daughters, making her willing to listen one more time.

I’ve made a zillion inquires about the name, which they are keeping secret, JUST IN CASE they want my opinion.

And I’ve held that baby boy for the first time in my mind’s eye more times than I’ve even asked about  his name.

Just today, I purchased baby blue crepe paper to hang when he is born as a happy signal to our neighbors.

“Couldn’t you have gotten Duke blue?” Cliff asked when he saw the streamers.  “That looks like Carolina blue to me.”

In this area of North Carolina, college football and basketball rivalry is intense. Cliff, a true blue Duke fan, greatly favors Duke’s royal blue.  Baby blue and Carolina blue are closer to one another in color.

“This isn’t Carolina blue,” I said, swirling the steamer in his face.  “This is baby blue.”

Come on into the world, Baby Boy! It’s time!

And when  you do, I just might paint the house and the driveway baby blue, too.

This grandma is more than ready.

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  1. This is the hardest part…….the waiting….the last few days. And then the magic begins! He is here and life is perfect! Holding him for the first time will be totally awesome!

  2. It’s fun to watch your excitement ..what will he call you, will you “help” him decide or let him find the words for grandmother? And yep, that is carolina blue!

    • I think we’re going to start out with Buzz or Grandma Buzz, my childhood nickname. That’s what my son-in-law and the Bears call me.

      Thanks everybody for your good wishes!

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