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The Lost Toys: Baby Sue and a Canvas Print Giveaway

Am I the only one who wonders about her lost toys?

The doll in the picture is Baby Sue. She was the first baby doll I remember.

I loved her so much I gave her baths, slept with her, took her on baby carriage rides, and washed and ironed, with my mom’s help, her clothes.

I still remember how flexible she was, with bendable rubber legs and arms; the intent expression in her eyes; and the the way her painted on brown hair never got mussed up.

So why did I abandon her?

I know I moved on to fancier dolls: Chatty Cathy, Tiny Tears, Kissy, Barbie, and a nutty doll named Shrinking Violette.

And my mom, like most moms, was anxious to clear out, to share our old toys with kids who needed them.

But in recent years, I’ve thought about Baby Sue more and more.

At best, she’s in someone’s collection somewhere. I don’t like to think of the worst.

At least I have this picture!

And when Easy Canvas Prints approached me about a free canvas for me and one as a giveaway, it was an easy choice whose picture was going on that canvas.

I miss you Baby Sue!

What about you?

What toys would you love to have back  again?

Giveaway:  The good folks at Easy Canvas Prints are offering  a reader a free10 by 8 canvas print. To enter the giveaway, please leave a comment saying you’d like to win (by September 3 at noon E.S.T.)  Due to shipping costs, the winner must live in the continental U.S.

Need any cool signs. check out their other sites: Signs on the Cheap,  Banners on the Cheap,  and Magnets on the Cheap.

Here’s the portrait  that Easy Canvas made for me. I love it!  Of course yours doesn’t need to go on a shelf. They’re great for walls, too.  (It looks even better in real life. The photo I posted below doesn’t pick up the texture of the actual canvas.)


29 thoughts on “The Lost Toys: Baby Sue and a Canvas Print Giveaway”

  1. Sweet picture; it looks like a picture book illustration! Easy Canvas did a good job. I’d like to win one! As to what toy I’d like to get back, probably my wooden blocks. My mom saved some of my dolls but the other toys were given to my younger cousins.


  2. I would love to win!!! What a great way to display a favorite photo! As for a favorite toy…my mom saved all my little smurf guys, and now my kids play with them!!!


  3. My favorite toy was also a non-fancy doll. Her name was Betsy Wetsy and you can guess what her special trick was. I don’t think I would want her back now, but thanks for reminding me of that long lost little friend!


  4. I had a stuffed Winnie the Pooh that I reluctantly gave away when I moved away for college. Sure wish I had Pooh back. Would love to win the canvas giveaway. I have so many pictures I want to enlarge and display. Sweet pic Barbara. I love black and white photos!


  5. The toy I’d love to have again is my sister’s pink wringer washer. The wringer worked, and a handle turned the agitator in the tub. Fortunately we have a great black and white photo of her using it with the same “Walker Evans” quality of your sweet picture. Do little girls even wash doll clothes anymore? I always thought it was so much fun!


  6. I loved my dolls! But my favorite was Connie, a baby doll that was part of the Terri Lee collection. She was made of hard plastic with her legs and arms connected by rubber bands. And she had the softest short curly brown hair and long eyelashes on eyes that opened and closed. My brother could always really upset me by grabbing Connie and pulling on her until the rubber bands would break–so mean! My mom saved my Terri Lee and a couple of the others of that series, but not Connie. I’m not sure why either. Terri Lee is a collectors item and in lots of museums. But I don’t remember loving her like I did Connie. I would love to have her back! I don’t have any pictures of her either unfortunately.


    1. I remember once the head of my doll Kathy came part way off, and I could see the tube that made her a Betsy Wetsy style doll. Screamed! And my brother used to threaten to take Chatty Cathy apart to see how she worked.


  7. What a lovely canvas print and yes! Sign me up to enter to win please!
    I had a wooden abacus that I fondly remember. My sister and I also loved playing with magnetic paper dolls!! I think my parents gave them away, only toys left were the Barbies! I still have those.


  8. What a great giveaway! I would get one of my sister’s wedding pictures printed for her upcoming one year anniversary. I’ll probably do this even if I don’t win!


  9. Beautiful picture of you and Baby Sue! I’d love to win my own canvas print! I would gift my mom a canvas of her granddaughters 🙂


  10. Would love to win, the toy I still remember is the Rainbow Brite doll my mom sold in a garage sale, still sad about that.


    1. Even Ma Wilder gives away Laura’s doll in one of the Little House Books. I guess mothers have wanted to clear out for a long time!


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