Guest Post: Menopause Blues? Turn Green!

“In every walk of nature, one receives more than he seeks.”  John Muir

A guest post by Judy Brown:


Not green with envy.  Nor the yucky sick green. But relish in the color green, all around you.

As I  drove to my mother’s house the other day, I took note of how lush and green the surroundings were and how subtle it’s effects are.

Did you know there is a new type of therapy?  It is called Green Therapy or Eco Therapy. The Japanese call it Shinrin-yoku or forest bathing.

Even the name “forest bathing” sounds soothing.

Green Therapy has been shown to help children with ADHD, reduce stress and pain, increase immunity, and even help nursing home patients who suffer from dementia type anxiety. I suspect it might help with the pause too.

I find this concept ironic but affirming. It is so basic. Our ancestral hunter gatherer relatives are probably shaking their heads in disbelief.  Fresh air and absorbing nature is now a therapy?!

Green is my favorite color. My house is green, my upstairs is painted green, my bedspread is a green floral print, and my dining room lamp has a green patina. When we built our house many years ago our lighting salesman told me I was “greening out”.

Feng shui wise, the color green is said to have a calming and restful effect.  It creates balance and harmony.  Some say it is the color of intimacy.

The crisp air of fall is arriving soon and the colors will change from green to oranges and reds and browns.

Whatever your source may be, whether it is sitting under a wispy willow or on blades of bluegrass, in your flower garden or the deep woods, watching a caterpillar or listening to the sounds of crickets and frogs, even eating spinach or sipping green tea …. take in some green!

When menopause creeps in to your day and the simple things seem to make your head spin, pause and redirect.  Take a bath in the forest!

P.S.  Anyone else a lover of green?

Photos: Every spring I await the blooms on the snowball bush in my yard. The blooms grace my front porch and make the wrens happy. Sunflowers everywhere make me smile, especially these in the quaint French town of Thouars, where I snapped this picture.

Judy Brown Below: Judy’s niece, Ashley, got married in Honolulu, and the customary leis were given at her shower.  Hawaii abounds in green-ness!  Judy loves to travel and explore and take pictures.

14 thoughts on “Guest Post: Menopause Blues? Turn Green!”

  1. I LOVE GREEN! ( and orange…). We have had many green cars, green furniture, green painted rooms, and of course I have tons of green sweaters.
    Forest bathing to me sounds like a different way of saying, hiking in the woods!

    1. Yes, it does! I think human beings sometimes just feel a need to rename things or add the word “therapy” to it!! But the modern day truth remains that more people are staying indoors and need to get out!

  2. “Forest Bathing” I love the way that feels, in my heart or soul, or both. Didn’t Benjamin Franklin do some sort of “Air Bathing?” Anyway, I digress. Yes, I can definitely feel a difference in my psyche when I go spend time outdoors. I like the bright green contract against the blue sky. If the sky is overcast, the green against grey is also soothing, or stimulating… I can’t say which. It just feels right. And it’s funny, isn’t it. I said ‘feels right’ not ‘looks right.’ Gazing into the trees and sky has a definite feeling attached. I think it’s time I go do some Forest Bathing. I’ve been sitting in the house all day. Thanks for this lovely post, Judy. Very fun.

    1. How true…..I also remember taking my crying babies outdoors and their crying would magically stop!
      Hope you enjoyed your forest bath Patti!

  3. I love the concept of “forest bathing”. I’ll bet it’s not just the green but maybe also being in a quieter environment and the opportunity to observe nature (as you suggest) that also gives someone calmness. I feel the same way just staring at & listening to ocean waves – which are sometimes green, too! Thoughtful post – thanks, Judy!

  4. I am the odd ball I guess. Not a green person. And as Judy knows, I really dislike being outside. Growing up, all the classrooms at my school were green as it was supposed to be calming. And my Mom loved green and we had green all over our house. I got quite sick of it actually. When my daughter was born, I often had to take her outside to get her to calm down and stop crying. Of course that made me irritable since I don’t like to be outdoors. I do however like the green on trees, especially the new leaves of Spring. I am a blue person actually. I find the beautiful blue skies and the blue of the water soothing. I guess we all look at the world differently and what works for one person doesn’t for another.

  5. A good point! Not all therapy is good for everyone! You need cozy by the fire with cup of tea therapy!! And yes…blue is also an uplifting color.

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