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Hot Flashes! A Video and a Poise Giveaway

A few weeks ago, I posted a guest post by Lori Jo Vest. She’s blogging for Poise as part of the 2nd Talk.  I have a friend getting ready to give her daughter the 1st Talk: periods and growing up. The 2nd Talk is, you guessed it, menopause, and Poise is adding energy and information to the discussion.

As part of the 2nd Talk, Dr. Jennifer Berman, menopause and intimacy expert, speaks about hot flashes:

She introduces Poise’s new cooling gel and their body cooling towlettes, designed to take some of the steam out of those flashes.

The New Products:  To learn more about the 2nd Talk and the new line of Poise products, please visit

Giveaway!  Poise  was kind enough to offer tubes of the cooling gel to FIVE winners. Please  post a comment, saying you’d like to be a winner, by September 28 at noon E.S.T.  I’ll choose the winners using a  random number generator.

Photo:  The photo was taken at the Poise booth at BlogHer. The young women, confereence attendees, don’t look old enough for the 2nd Talk. But it’s good to learn what’s ahead. I wish I’d paid more attention! I think it would have helped me ready my mind and spirit for the roller coaster ride.

11 thoughts on “Hot Flashes! A Video and a Poise Giveaway”

  1. Yeah, the 2nd Talk designers kinda blew it with the poster, BUT it’s still a great idea to have the 2nd Talk. And although the 2nd Talk should come before the symptoms actually hit, it would be wasted on 30 somethings; they are way too focused on good ol’ PMS. (Remember PMS ladies?) From my own experience, I’m thinking about 40 ish would be a good time to have the 2nd Talk. The whole peri-menopause thing is more mystifying (in my opinion) than menopause. THANKS for sharing this, Barbara, and yes, count me in for the giveaway. I am not having hot flashes like I was during peri-menopause, so I’m thinking the gel may be a good opening to have The 2nd Talk with an up-and-coming Pausin’ Sister in need. 😉


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