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White Dresses, One, Two, Three

We’re thinking white dresses at our house!

This was the first white dress daughter Laura wore.  A christening gown, first donned by either my grandmother or her twin sister.

The white bunny suit for Halloween doesn’t count as a dress, so next was the Junior Marshall dress.  As a prize for good grades, Mom didn’t grump over the price of this Ann Taylor number.

But now Laura is on a quest for the WHITE DRESS OF WHITE DRESSES:  her wedding dress.

A clothes person since she could crawl, she has the ring on her finger and the date has been set. Time to do some real shopping!

I began thinking:  Which of the three white dresses is my motherly favorite?

The christening gown represents tradition and faith and family.

The white marshall dress represents scholarship and hard work and mall shopping trips with mom.

The wedding dress represents love and future and more family. Laura first swooned over Matt when he was a soccer player at Davidson College.  Seven years later, the wedding wagon is rolling along.

I can’t decide which of Laura’s white dresses is my favorite, but there’s just something about a white dress…

What about you?  What are the favorite white dresses in your life?

11 thoughts on “White Dresses, One, Two, Three”

  1. Adorable picture of Laura!! I bet you will have a glorious time shopping for the white dress. So nice there are all styles now. Have fun!!

    I love white and I love lace!!


  2. LOVELY pictures, Barbara. Such a cutie pie! 😀

    I’ll tell you what… whenever I come across a bridal party at the beach, on the streets, in a park, in front of a church, synagogue, or anywhere, I just can’t help but grin – BIG. I become an idiot. Truly. And I’m not talking about those awful “Bridezilla” events on TV, but the simple bridal party, walking over to the park for pictures, or somewhere. It’s always such a dichotomy – that perfect dress, the glowing bride, and the elements all the rest of us are in; sun, wind, rain, heat, cold… and that perfectly beautiful bride. There is nothing lovelier.

    Unless, of course, it’s a little precious fresh faced rosey-cheeked baby in a christening gown. Okay, you got me. I can’t decide.

    Thanks for sharing your pictures. I’ll be anxiously awaiting the next chapter of the MOB!


    1. Me too! I love to check out weddings even if I don’t know a soul. When my great aunt and uncle were up in years, they went to a country club for a wedding reception. The place was holding several receptions at the same time. My aunt and uncle were having a great time, and then the bride and groom walked in, and my aunt and uncle realized they were at the wrong reception! They were supposed to be at the one across the hall.


  3. I love my wedding dress, but I my daughters have already said they don’t think they will wear it when they get married. So maybe it’s the christening gown, because I have pictures of each of them and also one of myself, as infants wearing it. I love the tradition that goes with it. It was my grandmother’s as well.


    1. Laura had a moment when she thought she might wear mine, but only a moment. I do think there’s something so cool about picking out your very own dress.

      If I had a third child, I was going to splurge on a brand new christening gown. They look so crisp and fancy in the store.


  4. Well, it wasn’t exactly a dress, but a gown. It was the first going outside outfit my daughter wore after her first 5 days of life in the ICU. To me it represented going home, love, safety, life, happiness, and beauty all at once.


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