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On Getting Old, Grandma-style

I have a feeling I worry more about getting old than the average woman.

Hard to know for sure, but it seems that way from  conversations with friends.

But I had a moment come over me like a voice from the universe.

On September 7.

Cliff and I were leaving the hospital in Charlottevsille, Virginia.

We’d just spent two hours with our brand new grandson, Mazen.

It’s okay, the moment said.

Mazen’s here.

You’re the grandma.

He’s the baby.

That’s how it goes.

And the going is good!

19 thoughts on “On Getting Old, Grandma-style”

  1. First of all, you look way too young to be a grandma. And that’s not just empty flattery – I really mean it. Also, that picture of you holding Mazen made me smile because you two look so happy together. It looks like you will have a very special bond.

    Sometimes I, too, wonder if I agonize about getting older more than other women do. But then I think that maybe they do worry, but they’re not ready to admit it aloud – or even to themselves – because it makes aging seem more real. That’s part of why I think your blog is so important: it gets these things out in the open, encouraging other women to feel okay about having the same thoughts.


    1. Caryn, Thanks for the sweet grandma compliment. I get to see him in two weeks again. Counting the days!

      The aging stuff is tricky. Life goes so fast. I wish I’d been more mindful and complained less. Working on being the best I can be for the rest of my days.

      Going with two friends to Paris tomorrow. I wish Erzsi still lived there-it would be way cool to see her.


      1. Ooh! Have a good visit with him! And I understand getting wrapped up in worries and complaints instead of enjoying the moment. I do the same thing.

        Have a wonderful time in Paris. Sounds amazing! And, yes, it would be fun to see Erzsi!


  2. Thank you for this post! I worry horribly. I’m 46 and I have been a grandmother since I was 40. I had/have no problems with bring a grandmother, it didn’t make me feel old at all and I love it!! Its…if I may be frank,’s these saggy breasts, gray hair, weight gain/slow metabolism, age spots, hysterectomy, dry vagina, mood swings, and wrinkles that are weighing heavy on me!! I always thought I would grow old gracefully but, oh, no… I am moaning and groaning every step of the way!! Why can’t I enjoy this time in my life more??!!!!


    1. Feeling the same way over here about the sag but try premarin cream for the dryness. Talk to your doc. A miracle drug!


      1. Thank you for the advice, Barbara. I did see my GYN last week and she prescribed a vaginal estrogen cream temporarily for me to see if it helps. I picked it up yesterday. And will give it a try soon. I wanted to say, hey doc, don’t stop there! schedule me for some new boobs, liposuction ALL over and don’t forget that RX for a couple shots of vodka daily for my mood swings!! 🙂


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