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Guest Post: Shopping with Mom

A guest post by my daughter Laura:

When I was a little girl, my mom always took my sister and me shopping on teacher workdays. She’d tell us we had to get up early, so that we could be there shortly after the mall opened.  It was those trips that sparked my love for shopping (and my love for samples of Chinese chicken in the food court).

These days, it’s not as fun to go shopping.  Money is always tight, and I have to actually work on teacher workdays.  But when I do get a chance to go to the mall with my mom, we’ve starting focusing our efforts on her wardrobe: operation maximize fashion, minimize frump (at her request.)

At first, she was resistant, “I’ll never look good in that; my friends will say that’s too young for me; I can’t do heels.”

But with a little pushing and a few forced trips to the dressing room, she’s been quite surprised at how good she looks in some of our finds: a teal pleated dress with a coral-colored patent belt, a flowy peasant blouse with dragonflies, and, yesterday, these metallic mini wedges:

Pretty cute, right?

I keep telling my mom  not to worry so much what other people think,especially about wearing something that to her, feels too young.  If you feel good wearing something, then you probably look good too!

And the best part is, if mom finds even just one thing to spice up her wardrobe, she’ll take me to lunch at Panera.

Laura Younger is a psychologist for the Durham County Schools. Her fiance, Matt Allen, is in the MBA program at Duke’s Fuqua School of Business. A June wedding is planned, meaning Laura will soon be at my side as we shop for my MOB dress!  She blogs at Taking Back My

Mother Disclaimer:  I will add that Laura usually receives  at least a small addition to her wardrobe as well as lunch. I will also add that daughter Kath is a good shopping buddy too; she’s not around as much since she lives in Virginia.

16 thoughts on “Guest Post: Shopping with Mom”

  1. I love shopping with my daughter, too. I feel so much younger when I shop with her eye and when she is too far away at college I try to keep the same young attitude about clothing. You have inspired me to make a trip to update my winter wardrobe.


  2. I miss shopping with my girls but mine are far, far away. I remember there was always a “mission” (“Mom I need new jeans”, etc.), lots of window shopping, and then lunch. Glad you two can still enjoy the fun!


  3. When my sister and I were young, we went to Loehmans with our mother. It was before they had private dressing rooms. My mother would point to everyone else and say “they can wear that because they’re tall.” She’d also say, “you’re getting it,” if something looked particularly good. Now I shop with her and encourage her. I wish I shopped more with my daughter. She seems to do most of her shopping online. Lovely post, Laura. Lucky you and lucky mom.


  4. Laura…sorry I am so late at responding. I have been shopping in Paris with your mom!! 🙂 I will also add that you will benefit from that trip!! 🙂
    Jamie is also quite helpful with me and I think it is great you girls push us along. We need it. And for some reason it doesn’t hurt our feelings as much when it comes from you. GREAT post.


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