Menopause, No More Periods

Menopause: Breaking Free

There’s something about menopause that’s freeing.

I’ve heard it from others. I feel it myself.

So let that freedom, help free you even more! Take it up a few notches!

What’s the barbed wire in your life?

What can you give up?

What can you break free from?

Feel the spring as you bounce off that wire and soar!

Picture:  Shout out to my friend Susan, who posted this neat graphic from Interested Engineering on her Facebook page.

 Susan and I and our friends Ann and Karen are gym friends. We spend meaningful minutes analyzing our lives (including what barbs hold us in) as we walk the treadmills.

And I bet some of you have the same credo we do: What’s discussed at the gym, stays at the gym.

A Story: A few summers ago, one of Susan’s daughter’s friends worked at the gym. She told Gwen in the fall, “Your mom and her friends sure talk about some interesting stuff.”  Hmm. Since then, we try to analyze our lives in quieter voices.

4 thoughts on “Menopause: Breaking Free”

  1. Haha! Thanks to my menopause-addled memory I didn’t remember what Gwen’s friend said but it comes back to me now. I didn’t even remember posting that graphic but I post so much (probably too much!!). However it’s a good graphic to remember when I’m feeling tied down & in lock step. However, I ALWAYS remember how much fun I have at the gym with Barbara, Ann, Karen & other gym friends! Burning up calories while figuring out life & other complexities – what a great combination. Thanks for the reminders, Barbara, and see you at the gym! ; )


  2. Super graphic. Super post. Thank you! The wonderful barbed wire reminded me of a west Texas Sisters on the Fly gathering (Petticoats on the Prairie)…it was great fun to hang out with women “of a certain age”…although there were plenty of young ones. We can certainly have “more fun than anyone.”


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