Grandchildren, Grandparents

Grandma Update

Snuggling with a baby first thing in the morning.


Learning to change a boy diaper.

Nothing to it.

Slipping little feet into socks you brought all the way from Paris.

C’est tres facile!

Giving someone else a turn.

Not so bad.

Rocking a baby to sleep on the porch.

Piece of cake.

Saying goodbye until next time.

Boy, oh darling little baby boy, is that hard.

29 thoughts on “Grandma Update”

    1. Yep. I’d always heard that from other grandmas and never thought much of it.I sure get it now. Leaving him is so sad!


  1. I now know what you mean. Katy gave birth to Audrey Saison Widrick on October 13. I got to be with Katy for the first half of her labor and met Audrey just a few hours later. Saying goodbye to all the Widricks was very difficult.


    1. I just wasn’t quite braced for how sad it would be. I imagine one gets used to it?

      Cute name! Congratulations, Grandma!


  2. Sweet! And, oh, those goodbyes. 😦 When my grandson was born, I lived in Wisconsin and they lived in Oregon. Torture. I spent every red cent I had on airplane tickets. The Hellos were super sweet; the Goodbyes were super sad.

    Hang on to those sweet Hellos! They are precious and they are what you will remember most.

    Give those little cheekies a kiss from me. 😀


    1. Will do.Plan to kiss him this weekend. Going to Baltimore to see my mom and Kath and Matt are bringing the babe to meet her!


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