French Lessons: Create Your World Claude’s Way


On our trip to France  last month, my friends Judy, Lisa, and I took a jaunt to Giverny, to the whimsical gardens of impressionist painter Claude Monet.

At  his Giverny home, our tour guide explained, the artist set the scenes.

Claude didn’t sit around hoping sunflowers would pop up  outside his windows.

He planted the bold beauties.

Claude didn’t just dream about the grace of water lilies.

He created water gardens.

Monet didn’t simply wish his world would turn brilliant with yellows and blues and purples and reds.

He put them there!

Lesson here is that while it’s way cool to stumble on what you need and want in life, sometimes it doesn’t work that way.

Sometimes you need to plant it yourself before you can capture it on canvas.

Congrats to Donnie, who won the lovely Marylou Falstreau gift cards.

10 thoughts on “French Lessons: Create Your World Claude’s Way”

    1. Thanks about the post and enjoy the cards! I bet they’d look great in tiny frames. Of course, it’s sad not to mail them, as your friends will love them.


    1. And I loved the seeming random of the garden. Although with 18 gardeners on staff, it’s probably not as random as I might think.


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