French Lessons: Paris Is…


Paris is hotels with windows that open tall to French rain and church bells.

Paris is cheese for breakfast, cheese for lunch, and si vous voulez, cheese for dessert.

Paris is hot chocolate that calls for both hands.

Paris is bouquets.

Paris is walkways mellowed by centuries of footsteps.

Paris is art is art is art.

Paris is cafes and conversations.

 And Paris is shopping

for les petits enfants waiting at home.

This is the final post in my French Lessons series. Adieu belle France!  Merci!

About our trip:  We spent five enchanting days and nights in Paris, thanks to Judy, who was our trip planner and tour guide.  Our friend Lisa is slowly losing her vision. Paris was high on her sightseeing list. We’re saving our pennies for another trip. Pondering Rome…A croissant for your travel suggestions!

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  1. Thanks for the vicarious trip to Paris! I’m glad you, Lisa, and Judy enjoyed your visit so much. Next time Rome and how about Budapest for trip three?

    • She started losing her vision at age 16 or so. One of the earliest cases of macular degeneration on record. Amazing attitude though.

  2. I think we often forget about the great cities and towns of our northern neighbors. I just spend
    a week in and around Halifax, Nova Scotia. We saw our American history from a different
    view. There is a very different vibe in the Canadian towns and cities I have visited.

  3. Although I’ve never been to Paris, I believe if you sit still, close your eyes and open your ears, breath deep, give yourself time to taste your food and drinks, and let your hands be free to roam to explore textures and temperatures…anywhere can be paradise–especially when you are among friends.

  4. Wow, what a nice post . This picture looks awesome . Thanks for sharing your experience with us. Last summer i have visited France . I like french culture, tradition etc. I have enjoyed summer vacation very much.

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