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A Cup of New Year Kindness!



I love this song!

And I love the passing of the old year into the new.

What a night!  Even if you or I have a bummer of an evening, what a night, as time goes on and brings us along.

Thank you to the night,

And thanks to all of you for reading my posts as Friend for the Ride dips and swoops into 2013.

A big old cup of  New Year kindness to you!

Cup of Kindness

Happy New Year!

Happy 2013!

Photo:  My mom bought this large old cup and saucer years ago. Perhaps in honor of this post, I should begin to use it each year for my first cup of New Year tea.

Happy Sitting: An Idea for the New Year


On my first official babysitting gig

At Kath’s house a few months ago,

We played, sang, read,

And sang some more,

And then one of us

Cried, really cried.

Oh no!

Grandma KK, the other grandma,

Had visited in the morning

And lulled baby to sleep

With persistent rocking.

So that afternoon,

Mazen and I rocked

And rocked and rocked,

Until finally, he slept.

Tiny zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz’s.

I looked around for a

TV, a book, a magazine,

A computer, a phone.

Nothing in my reach.

Not daring to move,

I sat, still (almost) as a portrait

Until his mama came home

And snapped this picture.

Smile, Grandma!

That hour in the rocker

Was oh so grand.


A New Year’s resolution:

More happy sitting in 2013

With or without baby.

No grumping

No to-do lists

No figuring out

No planning ahead

No worrying allowed.

Just sitting

Being happy.

(That’s why it’s called happy sitting.)

Will you join me?

Hot Flashes! Some Tips


 Some hot flash tips sent to you from health writer Arianna Solimene:

With the decline of estrogen levels in the body and the onset of menopause, the always-dreaded hot flash effects women of all ages. While hot flashes aren’t completely preventable, there are some steps you can take to manage the overwhelming symptoms.

Step 1

The first step to preventing hot flashes is avoiding tobacco and heavy alcohol consumption. While not a direct cause, both are known to trigger hot flashes in women. Other things to avoid include stress, caffeine, spicy foods, and heat. Because triggers for hot flashes are different for every woman, it’s important to observe and recognize what brings on hot flashes for you.

Step 2

The next step is easier said than done. Relax. More times than not, anxiety and stress can worsen hot flashes. It is important to focus on breathing or meditation to practice relaxation techniques.

More tips for preventing hot flashes

Other ways to prevent hot flashes include exercise, eating well and staying cool. Often, sudden changes in body temperature can trigger a hot flash. Common techniques for staying cool are wearing layers so that you can peel them off, freezing wash clothes so you can place them around your neck, or sleeping in a cool environment at night.

While hot flashes are a normal symptom of menopause and are not a medical problem, some women find them so uncomfortable that they choose to seek medical treatment. This often includes hormone treatments, medications, acupuncture and more.

Although the annoyance of hot flashes is not completely preventable, it’s important to take these steps to manage the symptoms. By living a stress free and healthy lifestyle, you will able to manage & hopefully avoid regular hot flashes.

Arianna Solimene is a staff writer for NorthShore, an integrated health system with dedicated medical offices and hospitals in Chicago. The core mission of NorthShore University HealthSystem is to preserve and improve human life. Visit NorthShore today for personalized wellness services today.

Top Photo: Thanks to the kind shopkeeper at the North Carolina State Fair who let me flash a picture of her hot flash magnet!

Photo Below:  Here’s writer Arianna, with miles to go before the Great Pause!


FA LA LA LA LA from Our House to Yours!




My name is Rudie.

I’m  not  THE  Rudolph.

I’m just a reindeer with the same name as the famous one.

I live at Barbara’s.

She’s off emptying the dishwasher or playing charades or admiring Baby Mazen. (You’d think she’d never seen a baby before.)

I told her I’d write a fast post for Friend for the Ride.  She had one from Santa a few days ago that didn’t go so well.

I’m a regular old reindeer with nothing fancy to promise, so this post should go okay.

But actually, I don’t know much about menopause. I don’t even know what it is.

Maybe that’s a good thing.

Anyway, I’ll just say happy holidays to all of you.

Fa La La La La.

With lots of love,