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Happy Sitting: An Idea for the New Year

On my first official babysitting gig

At Kath’s house a few months ago,

We played, sang, read,

And sang some more,

And then one of us

Cried, really cried.

Oh no!

Grandma KK, the other grandma,

Had visited in the morning

And lulled baby to sleep

With persistent rocking.

So that afternoon,

Mazen and I rocked

And rocked and rocked,

Until finally, he slept.

Tiny zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz’s.

I looked around for a

TV, a book, a magazine,

A computer, a phone.

Nothing in my reach.

Not daring to move,

I sat, still (almost) as a portrait

Until his mama came home

And snapped this picture.

Smile, Grandma!

That hour in the rocker

Was oh so grand.


A New Year’s resolution:

More happy sitting in 2013

With or without baby.

No grumping

No to-do lists

No figuring out

No planning ahead

No worrying allowed.

Just sitting

Being happy.

(That’s why it’s called happy sitting.)

Will you join me?

17 thoughts on “Happy Sitting: An Idea for the New Year”

  1. Love this! Yes, that sounds like a wonderful idea! It’s amazing what lessons infants can teach us, isn’t it? Oh, and how well I remember rocking and rocking and rocking, then finally getting my daughter to sleep, only to realize I didn’t have any books or other diversions within reach! Happy sitting!


      1. That’s when I really started to appreciate my e-reader (and, in the middle of the night, the Kindle app on my iPod). So much easier to read an electronic book, since there’s no page-turning and you only need one hand — and a whole lot less space.


  2. Wonderful! THAT is what being grandparents is all about. It took me some time to realize that I didn’t have to jump up and get the laundry/dinner/dishes done when I was holding my grand-babies. I could just s-i-t and rock and hold that baby… and stare into space… and hum a tune. Yes… spend 2013 on your butt rocking that dear one and enjoy! The time will jet by faster than you can even imagine. I have a crystal clear vivid memory (the ‘as if it were yesterday’ variety) of holding my baby grandson the first time and weeping with joy. He’s 15 years old now. Yup. Rock away, Grandma!


  3. I am all for it, Barbara! Especially the no to-do lists! However, I am not sure I can get away with absolutely no planning – it is my nature to plan! But I can sure try. However, I cannot sit all the time. My other resolution is to lose weight :-).


  4. Sitting in the sun soaking in the mountain atcJackson Hole before we have to board an airplane home. Perfect way to finish a fun week and get calmed.


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